Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Be Afraid...Be Very Afraid!

Today we treat you to some of the scariest video's you'll ever see!

1. American Juniors - Make Your Own Kind Of Music
The American Juniors are the USA's answer to the S Club Juniors. Unfortunately the American Juniors never took off as the show flopped and the album failed to chart. Today you can watch the top 10 American Juniors butcher Mama Cass' 'Make Your Own Kind Of Music'

2. BWO - Chariots Of Fire
BWO (Formerly known as Bodies Without Organs) are Swedens biggest Pop/Dance export at the moment. The band was just nominated for 2 Swedish Grammy awards and have had a string of hit singles and 2 successful albums in Sweden and Europe. One thing BWO has always been known for are their "Weird" videos?! BWO have just finished the video to their latest single "Chariots Of Fire," and it is by far the strangest yet.
Download The MP3 of Chariots Of Fire - Here

3. Girls@Play - Airhead
What do you get when you cross the Village People with 5 good looking girls add a shiny backdrop and a cheesy pop tune? Why it's Girls@Play of coarse! Never heard of them? This group opened for Steps back in the day and while they never released an album, this song will go down in Pop history... although I'm not sure what for?

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