Sunday, November 26, 2006

Hot Album Alert!

WOW. Swedish Idol, Darin, has just released his 3rd album and it is by far his most accomplished to date. His single 'Perfect' is already a hit and now the album 'Break The News' is ready to hit the charts. I'd describe it as Justin Timberlake, only with more Pop! If you only buy one album online this Christmas, make it Darin.

Download two of my favorite tracks below and click HERE to buy his album!

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Who Did It Best?!

In the world of Pop there sometimes seems to be a shortage of good songs. Therefore bands and artists often end up recording the same song. Usually the artists release their albums in different territories and no one ever gets to hear the alternate version.

Today we ask you to listen to the songs below and answer the question... Who sings it best?

1. Wonderful Life: This song was an international hit back in 1985 with Uk band 'Black.' While It's been around for ages and been covered by more than a few artists over the years. The song seemed to have made a comeback when Ace of Base covered it in 2002 on their 4th album, 'Da Capo;' and when Tina Cousins released it as a single in 2005. The question now is... who sings it best?

Ace of Base - Wonderful Life
Tina Cousins - Wonderful Life (Dance Edit)

2. Do They Know It's Christmas: These songs were released 20 years apart from each other. While both were for charity and feature some of the biggest musical acts of their time, the original Band-Aid track will go down in history as one of the greatest christmas tracks ever recorded. The orginal track features artists such as Phil Collins, Bono, Bananarama, Culture Club and Wham! While Band-Aid 20 features Sugababes, Natasha Bedingfield, Will Young, Ravel Stevens, Jamelia and of coarse...Bono. The real question is, who sang it best?

Band-Aid - Do They Know It's Christmas?
Band-Aid 20 - Do They Know It's Christmas?

3. One Night In Bangkok: This song was written by AbbA members Benny & Bjorn for their musical 'Chess.' The song became an international success when it was released by Murray Head. Since it's release in 1984 the song has been covered by many bands including Swedish superstars the A*teens and Danish boyband C21. The song had actually been banned in Thailand until 2005 when C21's version became the first version played in Thailand and went on to be a huge success there. Now you tell me... who does it best?!

A*Teens - One Night In Bangkok
C21 - One Night In Bangkok

4. Superstar: It's the battle of the pop princesses with the hit single 'Superstar.' Originally recorded by Danish reality tv singer Christine Milton, the song was a huge hit in Scandanavia and gave Christine her first gold and platinum albums. But while Christine was promised the international rights to the song, the producers and song writers sold the rights to EMI records to be sung by Jamelia. Producers Cutfather & Joe reportedly believed that Jamelia had a better chance of international success with the track. Rumour has it that Christine has pursued legal action against Cutfather & Joe over the rights to the song! Meanwhile you can decide who sang it best.

Christine Milton - Superstar (Radio Mix)
Jamelia - Superstar

5. Dragonstea Din Tei/Ma Ya Hi: In 2004 it seems the entire world was singing along to O-zone's Dragonstea Din Tei. Although being sung completely in Romanian, the song was the a massive success across Europe, topping the charts in many countries and hitting number 3 in the Uk! The success saw the song revamped by a few acts including Italian singer Haiducci who brought the song to number 1 in Italy. The song was finally brought stateside by american dance artist Lucas Prata, who actually recorded the english version of the song with Dan Balan who was a member of O-zone!

O-Zone - Dragonstea Din Tei
Lucas Prata Feat. Dan Balan - Ma Ya Hi
Haiducci - Dragonstea Din Tei - Watch The Video Below

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Exclusive: When Reality Tv Meets Pop!

Since the reality TV explosion began about 6 years ago music and reality television have formed a tumultuous relationship that has seen extreme highs and dramatic lows. T.V. shows like 'Popstars' 'Fame Academy' 'American Idol' 'Search For A Superstar' and so many more.

It is a phenomenon that has swept the globe seeing variations of the above shows in every major country around the globe! Today we celebrate with some of Reality televisions greatest international achievments and dissapointments. Enjoy these downloads!

Alexander - Stay With Me (Pop Idol Germany Series 1)
Bardot - These Days (Popstars Australia Series 1)
Bro'Sis - I Believe - Exclusive Version (German Popstars Series 2)
Christine Milton - Superstar Remix (Danish Popstars Series 2)
Clea - The Lie (Uk Popstars - The Rivals)
Daniel Kublbock - Heartbeat (Pop Idol Germany Series 1)
Darius - Kindalove (Pop Idol UK Series 1)
Diana DeGarmo - Cardboard Castles (American Idol Season 3)
Excellence - We Can Dance (Swedish Popstars)
Gareth Gates - Lies (Pop Idol Series 1)
Girls Aloud - No Good Advice (Popstars - The Rivals: UK)
Guy Sebastian - Angels Brought Me Here (Australian Idol)
Hear'Say - Lovin' Is Easy (Popstars Uk Series 1)
Kelly Clarkson - Beautiful Disaster (American Idol Season 1)
K-Otic - I Surrender (Popstars - Netherlands)
Liberty X - Forever (Popstars Uk Series 1)
LMNT - Juliet (Making The Band Series 1 - USA)
No Angels - Feel Good Lies (Popstars - Germany Series 1)
One True Voice - Sacred Trust (Popstars - The Rivals: UK)
Phixx - Love Revolution (Popstars - The Rivals: UK)
Ryan Malcom - Star of all the Planets (Canadian Idol Season 1)
Sarah Whatmore - When I Lost You (Pop Idol UK Series 1)
Scene 23 - I Really Don't Think So (Popstars USA)
Scandal'ous - Be That Way (Popstars - Australia)
Supernatural - Kryptonite Radio Remix (Popstars Sweden)
Velvet Empire - Frontin' On Me (Popstars Canada Season 2)
WIll Young - Leave Right Now (Pop Idol Series 2 - UK)

WOW, there you have it! Some of the best Reality TV music out there. Enjoy!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Can We Phixx It?! Yes We Can!

Phixx broke onto the music scene via the Uk "Popstars" show and immediately caught the spotlight through their racey and sexually suggestive videos.

They released 4 singles in the Uk which received mild success in the charts. They went through a rough patch when one member left the band after their 3rd single and lost another member of the band soon after their 4th single release and loss of a record label.

Although the band never really hit it big in the Uk, it is interesting to note that Phixx hit it big in South Africa in 2005! The band was so successful there that they launched a tour of South Africa and also released a full album 'Electrofunk Revolution.' Not only did they realease an album, but it was a good album! This has to be one of the best Pop albums of 2005 and it is too bad that Phixx never saw the success they deserved.
Original Sin - Here
Voyeur - Here
Temptation - Here
Watch their Sexually Explosive Videos Hold On Me and Love Revolution Below

Monday, November 13, 2006

When 5 Become 3

If these 3 boys don't seem familiar to you, try adding two more and thinking of the name:
Back in 2003 Irish boyband, D-side, broke onto the international music scene with their debut album, 'Stronger Together.' This album spawned 5 hit singles Stronger Together, Speachless, Invisible (later covered by Clay Aiken), Real World and the least successful - Pushin' Me Out.
Since their debut D-side lost 2 members, and have since released 2 more studio albums, their latest was released in Japan last week. Although they have yet to make any further impact in the Uk... they continue to have massive success through parts of Asia.
I've heard their new album and I find it to be quite bland... and it doesn't compare to the hard hitting ballads fans loved on their first album...
So in rememberance of D-side... below are some great album tracks from their 2003 debut.
Back In His Arms (Where She Belongs) - Here
Real World - Here
Where Do You Run - Here
Crazy World Of Love - Here

Thursday, November 09, 2006

5 Boys...Singing in the Rain - It doesnt get much better than this!

V - Were once tipped to become the best boyband the Uk had ever seen. But as we found out in 2004, the world had moved on from cheesy feel good boybands, and after the release of 3 AMAZING hit singles, their album flopped and they were dropped by their record label.

Most will remember them for their biggest hit - 'Hip to Hip,' Personally I will remember them for their very camp performance of 'You Stood Up' LIVE in the rain on TOTP.

*A-Teen No More Pt. 2

Catch the stunning video to Marie Serneholts 3rd single - Oxygen.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

You Make Me Lose Control

We havent seen a group like Infernal since Aqua and the Vengaboys stormed the charts, but Denmark has proven once again that it is a never ending source of catchy pop music.

Meet Infernal, who tore up charts internationally earlier this year with the infectious 'From Paris to Berlin.' They've gone and done it again, this time with a cover of Laura Branigans Self Control.

Download the Extended version of 'Self Control' - Here
My all time favorite Infernal song is still 'A to the B' which you can download - Here

Also for your viewing pleasure - 'Self Control'

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Faith Hill - Awards Ceremony Freak Out

Have you ever seen awards ceremonies and before they announce the winner the cameras show all the nominees on screen to catch their reactions when they find out they've lost?

When they hear they have lost most artists are genuinely happy for the winner and are happy to clap along, some look shocked when they found out they've lost, but still put on a fake smile because they know the cameras are rolling.

But this is a first! Earlier this week when the 2006 Country Music Awards were handed out Faith Hill freaked out on camera when it was announced that American Idol winner, Carrie Underwood, won best femal vocalist. As the nominations are read you can see Faith pacing and smiling, as the winner is read you see her arms go up as she shouts "WHAT?!" and walks off camera.

Faith and her manager have released statements saying that she was kidding around backstage, that her reaction was a joke and Faith would never act disrespectful to another artist.

A Joke?! Really funny joke! Just like Justin and Janet's fiasco was a "Wardrobe Malfunction!"

So was she serious? Or was she kidding? Watch the video below and decide for yourself!

The Winds Turn Us

In 2004 Swedish super duo 'Fame' performed a song 'Vindarna vänder oss' which translates to 'The Winds Turn Us' and they finished 5th in the final.

This is an amazing and hard hitting song and you can watch them sing it live below!

Want to be in a pop video?!

Westlife are about to release their most original album yet. While I was dissapointed when I heard there would be another cover album, I am pleased to say that they've done a great job on songs like 'The Rose,' 'Total Eclipse of the Heart,' and 'You've Lost That Loving Feeling.'

To launch their new album Westlife are giving you a chance to make a cameo in their new video for 'The Rose'

Click - Here to be in "The Rose"

*A-Teen No More

Marie Serneholt has grown up and is taking the world of Pop by storm!
She's just releasing her 3rd single off her debut album, but you can enjoy a live performance of "Wasted Love" below.

Download the Mp3 - Here

Do The Macadamia Nut!

Am I a Cutey? Absolutey! And a beauty, you can bet your patootee.
Watch as Dot performs her classic single...' The Macadamia Nut'

Alla My Flickor!

This March I will be travelling to Sweden to see Melodifestivalen 2007! One of the artists I'm hoping will be there is Linda Bengtzing! I recently picked up her debut album 'Ingenting Att Forlora' and it is one of the best pop albums i've ever bought even though I have no idea what she is singing as the entire album is in swedish!

Download 'Ingenting Att Forlora' - Here
Buy her debut album - Here

Watch Linda as she strips off for Melodifestivalen 2006 below!

The Sound of Girls Aloud at Number 1!

Girls Aloud continue to prove their staying power this week as their greatest hits album debuts at number 1 in the uk! The band continues to tell fans that their greatest hits collection doesn't mean the end of the band. Although I for one can't wait to hear Sarah's solo album ;)

Congratulations Girls!

Download their next single - I Think We're Alone Now - Here

Monday, November 06, 2006

Danish Popstar on Popstars

Song Of The Day:

Jon - Popstar (Single Version)

For those of you who don't know, Jon came into the spotlight back in 2001 as the winner of the Danish version of 'Popstars.' He has had 2 successful albums and a handful of hits across scandanavia. There isn't a lot of information out there on Jon... so basically all you need to know is 1. He's Cute 2. His songs are cheesy and very catchy 3. He's Cute and 4. He won Popstars Denmark.

Download Popstar Here