Friday, September 28, 2007

One Hit Wonders

Sometimes an artist appears out of nowhere with a song that is simply amazing. The problem? No one had ever heard of them before and then they dissapear just as fast as they appeared.

Such is the case with this AMAZING pop gem!

It's sort of ironic that her official biography states that "Ruby's debut album is more than just a one minute wonder." Boy did they get that wrong. Her debut single peaked at number 32 in the Uk.

Depsite the fact that there probably aren't many people out there that even remember this girl... this song is amazing and deserves it's place in pop music history.

Don't You Care... I Don't Think It's Fair

You may have heard that earlier this year Pandora cried foul when she realised the Uk entry 'Flying The Flag' was a blatant rip off of one of her singles 'No Regrets.'

Pandora has been around since 1993! She's had quite a bit of success around the world. One of her most famous songs was actually covered by someone else you may have heard of... Kylie Minogue - A Night Like This.

This year Pandora has teamed up with United DJ's who have re-done some of her early singles. So far they have re-done 3 of her songs and it looks like an album will be released with a collection of her old hits re-done with United DJ's.

Don't You Know was originally released back in 1995. Here is the 2007 version with United DJ's.

Hey Juliet! (A Guilty Pleasure)

Ok So I'm not even going to bother writing a real profile about this band.

Frankly I'm embarassed to even be posting about them.

Despite the fact that they never got anywhere other than radio Disney in the USA their debut album has some pretty catchy songs. Do any of you remember the reality TV band 'O-Town?' LMNT is basically made up of a bunch of guys that weren't good enough to make it into O-Town.

So don't ask any questions about who they are... it you like a catchy and cheesy boy band tune then you'll probably like this. I'm going to have to redeem myself by posting something REALLY good after this!

March 15th... The Countdown Begins.

On October 5th tickets for Melodifestivalen 2008 go on sale. I took the trip from Canada to London to pick up some cd's and catch a performance at G-A-Y, from there I flew to Stockholm for the first time ever to watch as some of the biggest names in Pop music fought for a chance to represent Sweden at Eurovision.
After careful consideration I've decided to do it all over again! Cross your fingers on Oct. 5th as I try to get better tickets than I got last year!
If you're planning on making the trek to Stockholm this year I'd love to hear from you... shoot me an e-mail -
The rumours are already flying fast about who will be there... Danny, Linda Bengtzing, BWO, Carola, Helena Paparizou, the new Alcazar? In less than 3 months some of these questions will be answered!

Monday, September 24, 2007

I'm Sending You An S.O.S!

Ola Svensson
It's not a cover... It's ANOTHER song called S.O.S!

This is what pop music is all about! Ola Svensson is already setting the swedish charts on fire with his new single S.O.S!

Ola is about to release his new album this fall and if you are a pop fan this is one album you'll have to check out. Rumour has it that this album isn't filled with filler ballads and of coarse it will include his single 'Natalie' that was a smash hit earlier this summer. To be honest I wasn't all that impressed with him at first... but he's really impressed me lately and I think I'm a huge Ola fan now.

Purchase the single and his new album 'Good Enough' - Here

New Music Monday!

It's that special time of the week again... NEW MUSIC MONDAY!
Today's the day you get a bunch of new tunes to preview all week and have your say as to which was the best! Last week the majority spoke and said that Leona Lewis was the best with her new single 'Bleeding Heart.'

If you haven't seen the movie 'Stardust' yet you need to go see what you're missing. This is by far one of the best movies released this year! It has everything a movie should have, great acting, adventure, humour and romance. Take That have recorded the theme song which strangely enough isn't even on the soundtrack. I first heard the song when I saw the movie in the theater. I stayed in my seat through the credits so I could hear the song and boy Take That did not dissapoint. This song will be their new single in the Uk when it is released at the end of October. Smells like another number 1 for Take That

When McFly hit the scene back in 2004 I brushed them off saying they were just a cheap version of 'Busted.' But with every single and every album McFly shows that they are here to stay and are doing their own thing. Their songs are supremely catchy and combine the best of pop and rock to create their hit singles. This new one has to be one of their best yet! I'm VERY impressed. This is definitely an album I'm going to buy. The only album I ever bought from the boys was 'Wonderland' which is fantastic if you haven't heard it yet. I actually have an old song from McFly that I LOVE, maybe I should do a McFly post?

2 weeks ago I posted 50/60 from Alizee thinking this was her new single. Well her record label has just released a press release stating that Mademoiselle Juliette is going to be the first single from her 3rd album. This is her first album since parting ways with Mylenne Farmer and her old record label. The song isn't bad... but she should have stayed with Mylenne if you ask me.

If I didn't know any better I wouldn't even know that the Spice Girls are back together! Since announcing their reunion things have been quiet from the Spice Camp. Melanie C is releasing a new single in the Uk, Melanie B is on 'Dancing With The Stars' in the USA, Baby Spice had her baby and through it all the girls are going to be starting to rehearse for their world tour very soon. Speaking of which ticket information STILL hasn't been released. Rumour has it that an announcement will be made by October 1st. They had better hurry up. The tour kicks off in Vancouver (My Home!) on December 2nd!
Remember if you like what you hear... support the artists... all of these albums and singles can be purchased online and shipped internationally.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Men Of Sweden

So I've been sitting on some of these songs since I went to Sweden earlier this year and I'm finally gonna put them on here. I've already posted about some of the best Men of Sweden already... artists like Martin Stenmark, The Attic, Erik Segerstedt, Ola, Danny, marcus Fagerval, Magnus Carlsson, Mathais Holmgren, Ander Johansson and more... Here are some of the other "Men of Sweden" for you to enjoy :)

Sebastian - Words and Violence

Most of you will know what I'm talking about when I mention Melodifestivalen. Earlier this year Sebastian took part in the competition and made it all the way to the finals with 'When The Night Comes Falling.' He was a runner up in Swedish Idol in 2006 losing out to Agnes. He's released 2 albums and both of them have been immensely successful in Sweden going Gold with sales of over 30'000 copies. 'Words & Violence' was his first single from his second album, before he entered Melodifestivalen. It peaked at number 3 in the singles chart.

Jimmy Jansson has a long past with Melodifestivalen. having entered back in 2002 with his band 'The Poets.' After the band broke up Jimmy went solo in 2004 after entering the TV show 'Fame Factory.' Since then he's released 3 solo albums and competed in Melodifestivalen 2 more times in 2005 and earlier this year with his single 'Amanda.' To date he's released 7 top 40 singles in Sweden. He has to be one of my favorite Swedish male acts his albums are FANTASTIC. I reccomend you pick up his latest album 'San E Jag.'

So I don't know much about this guy. From what I can find out he was a contestant on Swedish Idol. When I told my Swedish friend that I bought his single he laughed at me. So from what I can tell this guy is really just a joke... think William Hung? The song is catchy though... so think of it as a guilty pleasure. His music reminds me of Danny for some reason. BTW. I keep mixing up Danny and Ola! It's driving me crazy.

The 2nd half of the AMAZING 'Fame' that every good blog on the web has posted about. While Magnus backlund doesn't have the charisma of Jessica Andersson he has at least delivered a solo album! It seems like there is definitely a public demand for the return of 'Fame.' So we can only hope that Jessica will agree to it, I'm sure she's the one that is holding out. Magnus and Jessica met while filming Fame Factory, the show that Magnus won! In 2006 Magnus entered Melodifestivalen solo with 'The Name Of Love.'
I still have more Swedish "Men" to write about but you'll have to wait until another time for them.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

It's Too Late To Apologize...

I never would have thought that I would ever in my life be posting a Timbaland song on my blog... and yet here we are. Sure he's done some good songs for other artists... but I never had any interest in listening to anything by him before.

My friend sent this to me last night and said I 'HAD' to hear this song. As soon as I saw Timbaland I rolled my eyes. But after the first 30 seconds I was singing a different tune.

This song is really really good! It's not in your face R & B. It's just good, pop, modern and funky sounding ballad.

Whether he's producing music for others or himself, Timbaland definitely seems to have the midas touch.

Nar Karleken Fods

So all of my favorite blogs out there have taken time to post about the brilliance that is Shirley Clamp. So I'm sure everyone has these tracks now... but I've always wanted to post about Shirley... so now it's my turn!

For a time Shirley was the queen of Schlager! But recently she seems to have turned her back on glitter and wind machines and opted instead to release a bunch of sappy ballads.

I have a feeling that Shirley still has some Schlager left in her and that we'll be hearing it in good time.

But I also say that as great as she is at the stompin' schlager hits... she sure can deliver a power ballad! So today you get the best of both worlds... (Arliga Bla is one of my all time favorite songs BTW)

Ballad Shirley:
Schlager Shirley:

Monday, September 17, 2007

New Music Monday

New Music Monday is here! Here are 3 new singles for you to evaluate... leave your opinions by Voting in the poll on the right!

Helena Paparizou - 3 Is A Magic Number

Last month I posted about Helena and how shocked I am that she hasn't had more international success. She's released some AMAZING singles and has a great voice and stage presence! So when I saw that she had a new single I couldn't wait to hear it! Now that I've heard it I honestly don't know what to think. At first listen I thought it had to be a joke. But I've been listening to it a bit more and as weird as it is... it's actually sorta cool! Definitely unique! What do you think?

Leona Lewis - Bleeding Heart

Leona Lewis won last seasons X-Factor in the Uk and after her debut single she went into seclusion to record her debut album in the USA. They've held back until they were ready to launch her new single and album. This is her first single from the album and It's not bad although it sounds a little dated? Like the kind of song you would have listened to back in 1995? It's good... but not the kind of single to launch an international career from. It's a pretty song from a girl with a pretty voice... But I can't help but think she's a little overrated.

Westlife - Home

The biggest dissapointment of all is the new single from Westlife. One of my all time favorite bands suprises no one by releasing ANOTHER cover. Now I really don't mind covers! But Westlife have really taken it too far this time. First off they've destroyed Michael Buble's version of this track and dumbed it down and turned it into a predictable single with the same old tired Westlife format. I don't even know what to say right now. Let's home the album is MUCH better than this disgusting excuse for a new single. I'm actually quite mad after hearing this song... I need to go listen to 'My Love.' You shouldn't cover a song unless you can make it better... and in this case they get an 'F.' So just to make up for it... here is the ORIGINAL!

Friday, September 14, 2007


Watch as Tyra Banks gives Birtney Spears a piece of her mind...

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Get Up And Dance!

Have you ever downloaded a song and never actually listened to it? I was going through my computer yesterday and discovered I had downloaded some Gina G songs from her 2006 album and never actually listened to them! I was pretty suprised when I added them to my iPod and discovered they were actually pretty good!
Australian born, Gina G hit the big time back in 2006 when she was selected to represent the United Kingdom at the 1996 Eurovision Song Contest. Despite only placing 8th overall at Eurovision the track ended up at #1 in the Uk. The song then exploded around the world even reaching #12 in the USA.

Despite a successful debut album and multiple singles Gina G dissapeared from the spotlight. It wasn't until 2005 that Gina G was back in the spotlight as she entered "Making Your Mind Up" in the Uk. Although she didn't get the chance to go to Eurovision again she used the appearance to launch her new album - "Get Up And Dance" which was available exlusively from her website.

Currently Gina G has put her career on hold as she is pregnant with her second child... but since most people didn't even know she had released a 2nd album... you can download some of my favorite tracks from it below.

Monday, September 10, 2007

WORLD PREMIERE - What Do You Say To Taking Chances...

So Britney may have blown her comeback... but Celine Dion is ON FIRE!

Her new single - Taking Chances has just made it's world premiere on and it is the best song she's done in a long time.

People are always making fun of her and taking the piss... but after almost 4 years Celine Dion is finally finished in Las Vegas and is about to release her brand new english album on November 13th.

DOWNLOAD: Celine Dion - Taking Chances

Sunday, September 09, 2007

The End Of The Road...

On December 26th 2001, one of the most successful acts in Uk Pop History announced that they were calling it a day. They are one of the few bands who can truly say that they went out on top.

Their Greatest Hits album had gone number one and they had just finished their massive Greatest Hits tour across the Uk.

Despite only hitting number 1 twice in the Uk, Steps hold a number of records in the Uk. In fact they had 14 conecutive top 5 hits. An accomplishment only beat by the Beatles and Oasis. Their debut single '5, 6, 7, 8' holds a record for being one of the highest selling singles ever NOT to hit the top ten! In 2000 Steps received a special BRIT award for being the Best Selling British Live Act. In fact Steps were one of the biggest touring acts the Uk has ever seen and even hold a Guiness World Record to prove it.

It's been almost 6 years since Steps split up. With the trend of bands re-forming today many fans have asked if Steps are planning to reunite any time soon. Most recently Fave has spoken about the rumours and confirmed that the five of them have been approached to do a reunion. Unfortunately for fans like myself she says that each of them are busy with their own projects and that the time isn't right.

It seems even though 6 years have passed the fans still can;t get enough of their infectious singles and dance routines. Recently I held a poll - The Battle of The B-Sides. It turned out it wasn't much of a battle at all as you voted Steps - Just Like The First Time as the overwhelming winner!

So I'd like everyone to pull out your old singles... go through your mp3 list... practice your dance routines while you play some Steps and remember the good times.

"...You Put One Finger In The Air... And It's One For Sorrow... And It's Too Too Bad!"

Below you'll find some of the more rare yet AMAZING Steps songs and one of my all time faves - Chain Reaction. Enjoy.

Monday, September 03, 2007

On and On Your Voice Is Calling...

How would you feel... if one day you were approached by a producer who said he wanted to help you record a single that he thought could be an international hit single?

You record the song and the producer insists on recording a trance inspired dance version of the song. You finally give in and agree but only if you can also record a ballad piano version of the track as well.

So you record the track and before you know it's being released across the world, hitting number 1 in countries all over the globe. But even though you're singing lead vocals... your name is nowhere to be found on the song. Everywhere you go to promote the song people are asking who you are. Even in the video your face is blurred out.

Can't believe it would happen? It did and you probably know the song I'm talking about even if you don't know the singer.

The song is Heaven. The artist credited? Dj Sammy and Yanou. After the initial release of the track the labels were changed in some countries to ensure that Do was added as the lead vocalist. But the damage was already done... she was constantly asked if she was 'Dj Sammy.'

The real talent behind the song was the singer 'Do' (pronounced Doe) She's a dutch singer who has released two successful albums in Holland and had a string of hit singles.

I posted a song of hers for my Valentines post earlier this year and I'm following it up with another of her early singles.

If anyone knows anything more about her I'd love to know a bit more and pehaps get my hands on some of her songs.

Below you can watch Do sing an AMAZING version of 'Heaven' live with Westlife at the TMF Awards.

New Music Monday

So I'm going to make this short and sweet today...

The artists I'm about to post have given me some of my all time favorite songs... J'ai Pas 20 Ans from Alizee and 2 albums worth of tracks from BWO... but I'm a little dissapointed by these new tracks from them. They're good! But I had higher expectations?

This retro inspired track is a little different from anything she's done before but I don't know if it's got as much hit potential as her previous singles. I also think this is the first album she's done without Mylene Farmer?

I'm a little behind with this track... but i've only JUST downloaded it. I have to admit I was really looking forward to their new material... but feel a little let down by this one. It's really nice and fluffy. I guess I wanted something a little more hard hitting. From what I understand they also released a dance track as a double a side with this track. So maybe I'll like that one better. I do seem to like this one the more I listen to it though... it's just not as good as 'Conquering America' or 'Sunshine In The Rain' for example.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

You Can't Stop The Rain...

It's that time of year again...

Artists are going to be filling record stores with brand new singles and albums over the next 3 months. New Sugababes, Britney Spears, Girls Aloud, Celine Dion, Shayne Ward and The Spice Girls to name a few...

And just on the horizon... we have a BRAND NEW studio album from WESTLIFE! I've posted about Westlife briefly on this blog before and you can expect to hear a lot more about them in the future as they aer one of my all time favorite bands. I was lucky enough to see them live on their Face to Face Tour in 2006 in the Uk!

For now I'll tease you all with this... The new album was JUST finished this month! The band are going to be recording their new video in September. The album will feature some of the biggest song writters in the world of pop... Anyone know Rami and Jorgen Elofsson?

Until I get my hands on their new single this will have to do.

This song should have been a single if you ask me... it's got everything you could ask for! Great harmonies, it builds as it goes along until an explosive climax!