Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Don't Walk Away & Leave Me This Way...

NOTE: Im on my way to the airport where I will take a plane from Vancouver, Canada to Stockholm! On March 10th i will be at the Globen live to see the 2007 Melodifestivalen Final! I plan on stalking stars like Linda Bengtzing & Darin as well ;-) I will try to update you with news from Sweden but if not i'll be back with updated on March 12th! In the spirit of Sweden here is Jessica Folker!

In 1998 Pop music was at it's peak. Aritists like Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys & *NCYNC dominated record sales and charts aroudn the world. One of the most successful song writers to survive that era is the super swede Max Martin. Name a famous pop song and there is a good chance he is behind it!

One artist to rise to fame with a little help from Max Martin is 'Jessica Folker.' When her debut album was released in 1998 it was an instant hit. She became an instant star across Scandanavia & all across Asia where her song "Goodbye" became the most played song on Korean radio in 1999.

In Sweden two singles from the debut album hit number one 'Tell Me What You Like' & 'How Will I Know (Who You Are)' both selling platinum! In 1999 she made history becoming the first artist to ever win 2 awards at the NRJ awards in Sweden.

In 2000 her second album "Dino" was released and Jessica had her sights on the US market. The lead single "To Be Able To Love" failed to make a real dent on US radio but remixes by Jonathan Peters helped the song to become a US Club hit. Throughout 2001 Jessica saw continued success throughout Europe and specifically in Korea when another of her singles shot to number 1 there.

Since then Jessica has competed in Melodifestivalen both in 2005 & in 2006 with "When Love's Coming Back" which failed to make it to the finals. Both were AMAZING songs but I found that although she has an amazing voice she lacks a good stage performance.

Rumour is Jessica is working on a new album and I can't wait!

Saturday, February 24, 2007

There Is A God!

My girl Sanna made it to the 2nd chance round tonight at the 4th and last Semi-Final.
Next Saturday she will compete against Jimmy Janssen's - 'Amanda' to continue on in the contest. If Sanna doesn't make it I don't know what I will do. I NEED to see her sing this live on march 10th!

So congratulations Sanna! Keep your fingers crossed everyone!

For now you can enjoy her spectacular performance from the Semi-Final.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Semi Final Pt. 4!

Here it is... the final 8 songs have been released and tomorrow night they will compete for a chance to move on to the finals on March 10th.
esctoday is reporting that Magnus & Andreas are the audience favorites to go directly to the final and that Sanna Nielsen will get 5th place and not even get a 2nd chance.
We CANNOT let this happen. Melodifestivalen has already failed to recognize some of the best songs so far ie. Andreas Lundteadt - Move & Magnus Carlsson - Live Forever.
If there is any justice Sanna Nielsen will get through to the final if not to the 2nd chance round.
To hear the best tracks check our the post over at PopPosterGirl
We will update you on the winners tomorrow night!


Breaking News:

Due to the songs being leaked SVT has cancelled the last semi-final scheduled to take place tomorrow night.

Or at least thats what my friend over in Sweden just told me before laughing his head off and telling me he was kidding. As you can imagine I will make him pay dearly for this! LOL

The songs will be posted online in about 30 minutes! I can't wait!

On Wednesday night I'll be boarding a plane and heading to Stockholm to get ready for the FINAL on March 10th! I will give you all updates direct from Sweden so stay tuned!


The first time I heard it I didn't really like it, but a friend suggested I give it a second chance and now I love it! I don't have much more to say so just enjoy! They just performed the track lie on the tonight show and I was pretty impressed; they can sing it live!


Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A Random Mix Of Music!

I've been going through a lot of my old mp3 lately, as a result I'm probably going to be posting a lot of older songs that you may or may not remember!

I can't find any pictures of these bands nor can I find any of their videos. You'll have to let the songs speak for themselves.

This Norwegian band made it to fame back in 1999 when they were signed to a 4 album deal! Their debut single 'Blue' still holds the record for best selling dance single of all time in Norway with over 18'000 copies sold.

In 2000 the first single from their 2nd album a track called 'Calling You' broke all records on the national chart show when the track stayed at #1 for 20 weeks! The band split in 2002 but rumour has it they are working on a comeback album for 2007!

I don't know anything about this band at all! If someone knows anything about these guys could they pass it on? The song itself is extremely poppy and has a great beat!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I Still Have My Pride & It Keeps Me Alive...

In 1995 Joee exploded onto the Canadian music scene when his remake of "Died In Your Arms" went #1 across Canada and hit the Billboard top 100 in the US. His debut album spawned 4 top 10 singles in Canada and Joee quickly became one of the biggest eurodance artists in the country. His last single 'Angel' was a massive hit in clubs and radio proving not only could Joee sing but was a talented song writer as well.

In 1998 his second album "Truth" was released featuring a more mainstream mix of songs ranging from dance to ballads to r and b influenced tracks. His singles "If I Could" & "Do You Right" went top ten and the videos garnered heavy rotation on Much Music. He was also nominated for 2 Juno awards, in 1998 & 2000. By 1999 "Truth" had sold over 25'000 copies in Canada without support from a major record label.

In 2000 Joee scored a record deal with 'Universal' and released the club hit "I Don't Believe You" and had another radio hit with "Arriba."
2002 was a big year for Joee as Universal released his 3rd album 'Sunshine' off the back of another club hit "Does That Make You Happy." But when his subsequent single "Sunshine" failed to prove successful at radio and the album flopped in the charts 'Universal' cancelled all further singles and ended their contract with Joee.

In 2004 Joee released 'A Decade of Dance,' a greatest hits compilation on an independent label. That was the last release to this date.

Now you can discover Joee for yourself with some of my favorite Joee tracks below.

Probably my favorite Joee song of all time. I think this is probably the best song he has ever recorded. The lyrics are fantastic and I think the song does a good job of not being "too dancey." This song definitely could have been an international hit single.

I bought the single before I had ever even heard the song and boy was I happy I did. The lyrics are very in your face which I love. There is also an alarm type sound thatsounds throughout the track which is fun as well. My only problem with Joee songs are that the beats are often very "generic" dance beats.

Angel is such a sweet song and it a rare song that works perfectly as a dance track and a ballad. The song has been remixed multiple times over the years and while this is one of the originals from 1997 I think it still sounds good today.

This song takes no chances and is very radio friendly. I do feel like this track is a bit "dated" but see for yourself. This was a big radio hit in 1998.

Watch the video for - Arriba below

*Now I'd like to know what you think! If you'd like me to post songs from more artists like Joee leave a message in the "Comments" section of this post.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Cara Cara Mia How Can You Leave Me Now

From what I've read online fans seem to approve of Mans Zelmerlows' Cara Mia. But everyone agrees the competition this week will be tough. Chances are he won't make it.

I think the question tomorrow night is will he be able to perform it live? The song speaks for itself and if he can manage to perform it right I think there's no way he can fail to make at least the 2nd chance round.

So tomorrow night Sweden... vote Mans!

To those of you who still don't know what I'm talking about download the song below.
You won't be dissapointed.


WOW! Week 3 of Melodifestivalen has reached an all new high! This will be the week to watch! The songs this week are spectacular!

Lets begin! The links will work for the next 24 hours.

1. Mans Zemerlow - Cara Mia
This song blew me away. it's written by Melodifestivalen regular - Fredrik Kempe. It is in my top 5 already for 2007. I'm really worried about this song it HAS to make it to the final, but with competition so strong this week I hope it isn't passed over. If this was in week one or two it would have made the final for sure! I honestly doubt it will make it but it is my favorite song by far this year.

2. MissMatch - Drop Dead
This one's good, catchy and rocky. But with such strong competition its doomed to fail.

3. Magnus Carlsson - Live Forever
Magnus hasn't let us down! This song is upbeat and dancey and very camp. Sounds a little like Bosson to me actually. When he described it as a mix of A-Ha & Limahl he hit it BANG ON. It sounds a little 80's and a little 90's with a 2007 twist! Sounds like a choir of kids in the backround?! Ohh nice touch!

4. Sheida - I Mina Drommar
I'd best describe this song as very 'eastern' sounding. It's got a great beat and is very funky. I love that the song is going to compete but I'm afraid the voting public won't connect with the song.

5. The Attic Feat. Therese - The Arrival
This is a great dance song and I can imagine hearing it at a club. Therese is a fan favorite but will the public vote for such a modern sounding track? I think it's too dancey. As much as I like it I think it's doomed to fail unfortunately.

6. Sebastian - When The Night Comes Falling
A Swedish Idol finalist who took the place of Agnes when she was disqualified. The song is very typical of an ex-idol. Its rocky and very catchy. I can see him singing it on stage now. It's something everyone will like and I think he will make it to Andra Chansen easily.

7. Sonja Alden - For Att Du Finns
Sounds an awful lot like Shirley Clamp to me! The song is very strong for a ballad. It's very powerful and uplifting. It keeps building up as it goes along which I LOVE. Here comes the climax... and ... Ok I officially love it! Normally I would say it's too slow to qualify but it seems like a lot of slow songs have made it through to the she may have a chance!

8. Nanne - Jag Maste Kyssa Dig
This song has been HIGHLY anticipated and expectations are HIGH! I think people will vote for this song because it's Nanne and not because it's the best song of the night. Personally I'm a little dissapointed with the track. There's nothing wrong with it! But I don't think is the song that should win Melodifestivalen.

If there is any justice Mans will make it. If not we'll have the 3rd crime of Melodifestivalen.

WOW... ok now for my predictions:

Through To The Final:
Magnus Carlsson

To the 2nd Chance Round:
Mans Zelmerlow
Sebastian or Sonja Alden

Tomorrow we will find out if I was right.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Performance of the Century

Watch the Scissor Sisters perform 'Don't Feel Like Dancing' LIVE at the Brit Awards.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Ballads

In the theme of Valentines Day I'm sharing some of my favorite love songs & ballads. Hopefully you'll discover a new favorite song or two.

This song was released as a Christmas single back in 2004, reaching #6 in Sweden. Lyrics contain lines like "You believe one day you'll find me gone... but when everything is said and done... Here I Am... By Your Side..."

Same title... different song. This one has a bit of a punch to it but the first time I heard it I fell in love with the track. I've been waiting for an excuse to post it and finally have it! The song was the lead single from the sountrack to the animated film "Spirit" which Bryan scored and composed the soundtrack for.

WOW. This is one of those dramatic ballads. Amazing melody and harmonies. Denmarks first boyband knows how to sing a ballad and this is one of my all time favorites. This is the kind of ballad that builds and builds until a dramatic climax at approx: 2:55! Ugh I just listened to it again! It makes my heart melt!

When Daniel released 'If You're Not The One' he became the new poster boy for the love song. His record label played up that image by following it up with 'Never Gonna Leave Your Side.' Daniel has since said he hated his ballads and doesn't want to be known for these songs. They're still amazing and the guy knows how to write a ballad. "I feel like a song without the words...a man without a soul...a bird without its wings...a heart without a home..."

Unfortunately Darius never received the success he deserved when he released this as a single back in 2005.

So maybe it's not a love song... more of a break up song! Do (Pronounced 'Doe') is the dutch singer you'll remember as the vocalist on Dj Sammy's - Heaven. Do never received the proper credit for her part in that song and has gone on to release her own albums to various degrees of success.

I posted this ages ago and it deserves another one. One of my favorite ballads of all time. Again watch for the dramatic climax at 2:55!
So this is a bit rockier than I usually post, but again I don't think i'll have another excuse to post this. So enjoy!

Fredrik Kempe - If You Say Always
A duet with singer 'Agnetha.' She definitely makes the song when she comes in at the 2nd verse!

Gary Barlow - Lie To Me
Gary is one of the greatest song writers of all time. I was devestated when his solo career crashed after his 2nd album. He is currently enjoying success again with the re-formation of Take That. 'Lie To Me' was rumoured to be the 3rd single from the 2nd album but was cancelled after the album flopped. The song is one of my favorite ballads of all time. The song and vocals can best be described as haunting.

This was the first song I had ever heard of Jessica Folker and I was a fan from this moment on. You can expect a post dedicated to her in the near future. This song is upbeat but I love it so I'm posting it on here anyway!

No it's not a Spice Girls cover, Jewel released this acouple years ago and while it wasn't a big smash it is one of my favorite songs of hers. Again this one is a bit upbeat and pretty guitar based.

This Canadian singer has re-released this song almost as many times as Nikki French has released Total Eclipse Of The Heart! 'Angel' is usually heard as a dance remix but Joee finally released the ballad version which you can enjoy here.
Remember that song 'Kiss Me' by Sixpence None The Richer? Well that was Leigh Nash! She's been releasing solo albums since then and mostly Christian music. But this song is very sweet and I LOVE the drums that come in at about 3:15!
So I'm actually embarassed to say I like a Phil Collins song, but this song ROCKS! Give this song a chance and you won't be dissapointed! This song is really upbeat and very uplifting you'll be singing along in no time.

The song is good but it's not really the song I want to post, it's the video. I don't know what it is about this video but I seriously cried the first time I saw it. Watch the video by clicking on the link!

How can one post about love songs and not include a song from Irish crooners Westlife. Here is an acoustic take on one of their biggest singles of all time.

Will Young - All Time Love & Who Am I
I couldn't decide which song to post so I posted both!

This is my 2nd all time favorite love song! From the Moulin Rouge soundtrack, we learned these two actors could sing! This song is priceless and goes down in history as one of the greatest tracks ever recorded.

And my all time favorite is...

This song sends shivers up my spine... I know it's Nick Carter but please I beg you to give it a chance. The lyrics, the beat, the melody... it's a PERFECT song! SIGH...

Stay tuned for Melodifestivalen coverage on friday as the next 8 songs are released online!

Monday, February 12, 2007

A Million Lights Are Shining & There You Are...A Shooting Star

The year is 2002. The world of cheesy pop music has suffered a massive blow in the Uk with the split of one of the biggest bands in Uk pop history when 'Steps' announced their split on Dec. 26th, 2001.

So Pete Waterman, the mastermind behind Steps, announces to the world that his team is putting together a new group to fill the void. Their creation is shrouded in secrecy. Who is this group? What will they be singing? and most of all is the record buying public ready for another pop band?
Finally in 2004 he launches his new creation. Their songs are written by the same song writers, they have the same manager, and when you buy their single you can learn the dance moves to the song inside the sleeve. The band was "POP" and their debut single was 'Heaven & Earth.'

While radio never picked up the single, it was promoted everywhere and dominated Uk music video channels for weeks. Despite the push the single debuted at #14 in may 2004. At this point pop music was on it's way out and with a name like "POP!" the band was going to have to fight hard to get their music heard.

So the band went out on the road and bagan playing at live gigs across the Uk anywhere they could. Their website launched and they began to build a loyal fan base. Glenn Ball, Jade McGuire, Hannah Lewis & Jamie Tinkler began focusing on their 2nd single 'Can't Say Goodbye' which was released in August 2004. The single was released on 2 Cd's one containing extra tracks such as remixes and the music video.

Thats when the contrevercy started. Uk chart regulations are very strict and it turned out that one of the singles exceeded the time allowed for a single to qualify for the official chart. Due to this fact one of the singles would not count for the sales chart. No matter how many copies the cd sold it wouldn't count for the official chart. As a result the song charted at a dismal #26.

At this point there was a lot of talk that the band was finished. There were meetings between their management and their record label Sony/BMG. The media declared that 'Pop!' were finished. Despite the rumours the band announced they had not been dropped and were re-grouping to work on their album and next single.

As promised the band re-emerged in January 2005 with a new look, and a new sound. Their 80's inspired track 'Serious.' Gone were the cheesy outfits and the colourful videos, the band had a grown up look, a mature sound & an expensive video! Shot in luxurious locations around L.A. in Miami Vice style, the video saw the band on a yacht, in a car chase and in a dramatic casino scene. Pete Waterman went on the record to say that he believed in this band, that he didn't care what chart position they got that he backed the band 100% and they would not be dropped and that an album was forthcoming.

The single was finally released but again controvercy. Fans began reporting that stores across the Uk were either sold out of the single or never even received copies of the single to sell. The band members themselves posted messages that their own family members were unable to find copies of the single to purchase. The song charted at a dissapointing #16 in January 2005.

Not long after that Pete Waterman announced that he no longer supporting the band. He said the band was doomed to fail with a name like 'Pop!' and that the Uk record buying public had moved away from pop music. Despite this a 4th single had been recorded a cover of Olivia Newton-John's dance hit 'Xanadu.' It was predicted that 'Xanadu' would become the big hit they were waiting for. But alas, when it was announced that lead singer Jade McGuire was pregnant the band decided to call it a day.

Plans for the single release were shelved, but fans were rewarded for their support when 'Xanadu' was leaked across the internet and clubs across the Uk.

Now you can listen to every song Pop! ever released. Enjoy!
Pop! - Someone Like You

Saturday, February 10, 2007

The Crime That Is Melodifestivalen Part 2

Well night 2 of the Melodifestivalen Semi-Finals is over and done!
I actually did a pretty good job with my predictions. The Ark moved straight to the final round while Jimmy Jansson & Jessica Anderson will get a second chance in 3 weeks time.

The biggest suprise of the night was the debut of Marie Lindberg who WOWED the audience and ended up in 2nd place. Her song is good but way too slow for what I think a Melodifestivalen song should be.

The biggest upset is that Cosmo4 ended up in 5th place and just like Andreas Lunstedt last week, they will not get a chance to perform their song again.

"What's Your Name" has everything a true pop song needs... a Helicopter, whistling and lots of yelling HEY! Download 'Whats Your Name' below and see what you think!

For now we look forward to Magnus & Nanne to bring the competition to a new level next weekend. Stay tuned here for all the details!

Friday, February 09, 2007


SVT have just posted the 8 songs from tomorrows Semi-Final online for the next 24 hours!
The songs are strong but the only clear frontrunner would be The Ark with 'The Worrying Kind.'

I predict that the following songs will qualify for the final:
The Ark - The Worrying Kind
Jessica Andersson - Kom

and these two will move to the Another Chance round:
Regina Lund - Rainbow Star
Cosmo4 - What's Your Name

You can listen to all 8 songs - HERE

Monday, February 05, 2007

Welcome to the Dangerzone

Vanilla Ninja

Moving away from Sweden for a moment lets take a look at an Estonian band - Vanilla Ninja.

The band has been around since 2002 and despite having 5 albums and over 12 singles and 3 attempts at the Eurovision Song Contest, the band hasn't seen much commercial success outside of Estonia. They've gone through record label changes and had 2 members leave the band but they continue to release albums and singles across Europe. This is a band that is so successful in Estonia that they have their own flavor of Ice Cream.

You can read more about their career - Here

The band is very guitar and drum centered Pop/Rock music. Download my favorite tracks below:

*Up Next... I'll post about one of my top 4 favorite Swedish bands of all time! I'm also planning to post every song ever recorded by an amazing and short lived Uk Pop! band. Stay tuned.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Crime Of Melodifestivalen

Can I just say... The fact that it is a crime that Andreas Lundstedt - Formerly of 'Alcazar' and his song 'Move' did not make it to the finals in Melodifestivalen.

Luckily his old bandmate Magnus (Who competed last year) will take a shot later this month.

Watch the performance and let me know if you agree.

Walk This Way...Talk This Way

Duet Of The Year

What do you get when the two biggest girl bands in the Uk join forces for an unprecedented duet for Charity?

GIRLS ALOUD and SUGABABES have teamed up for this years Comic Relief single.

Past comic relief songs include Boyzone - When the Goin' Gets Tough, Spice Girls - Who Do You Think You Are, Westlife - Uptown Girl and many more. This year the Ultimate girlband cover "Walk This Way"

The video is SPECTACULAR and you can download the single and watch the video below!

Girls Aloud vs Sugababes - Walk This Way


Anna Book

Anna and her posse danced and sang their way to the Melodifestivalen Final on March 10th.

Watch her amazing performance below.

Friday, February 02, 2007


Melodifestivalen fever has begun! On Saturday Feb. 3rd Europes biggest Eurovision Pre-Selection contest begins.

Every saturday 8 songs will compete for a spot in the Swedish National Final that will take place on March 10th. Personally I am extremely excited as on Feb. 28th I'll be flying from Canada to Sweden to see the final LIVE @ the Globen on March 10th in Stockholm!

The first 8 songs have now been released and I am pleased to say I think we may have already heard the winner!

Anna Book's song 'Samba Sambero' is everything a Schlager and Pop fan could ask for including a dramatic key change. The Schlagerboys have already announced Samba Sambero as song of the year! Read their reviews here.

I don't have an mp3 yet but for now you can enjoy the song here.

My prediction is that Anna Book and Andreas Lundstedt will qualify for the final and that Sofia & Tommy Nilsson will move to the 2nd chance round.