Saturday, December 06, 2008

I'm Always The Last To Know...

Melodifestivalen fever has hit hard with almost all of the artists being announced! It won't be long until we've heard the songs and the first 2 acts will make it through to the finals. Across Europe and across the globe there are all kinds of music competitions but there really is nothing that compares to the scope and magnitude of Melodifestivalen in Sweden.

At this time when the internet is on fire with stories about the entires this year I'm looking back at some of my favorite entires of the past.

I'd love to hear what your favorites are! Maybe we can do a vote on some of the best Melodifestivalen hits and misses of the last decade?

This is actually the very first Melodifestivalen performance I ever saw back in 2003. Excellence won the swedish television show - Popstars and had a handful of hit singles from their debut album before entering Melodifestivalen in 2002. They performed in the first semi-finals and placed 4th initially making it to the second chance round where they placed 7th out of 8. I loved the song and their performance but unfortunately their vocals were far too weak to make it into the finals.

*Link Updated with correct song ;)

In 2003 Sarek performed one of of the most memorable Melodifestivalen entries in recent history. They were voted first place in their semi-final but when it came down to the finalen they placed 6th overall when they received a relatively low score from the jury.


Joe said...

Excellence's dance routine still rates as one of the best ever seen at Melodifestivalen.

John said...

You should come to In the Eurovision forum we're currently doing a re-run of MF 2005 where we all vote for our favourites Jury-Style. You've just missed round One unfortunately, but you'd be welcome in future rounds!

As for my MF favourites, ignoring obvious winners like Shirley, Lena & Charlotte...

Sandra Dahlberg - Har Stannar Jag Kvar (2004): Just beautiful and a wonderful performance.

Friends - The One That You Need (2002): Perfect pop.

Arja Saijonmaa - Vad Du En Trodde Sa Trodde Du Fel (2005): Camp brilliance! What a performance!

Troy said...

Joe: You're so right! My favorite part is when they're singing the bridge and as theyre walking two of them wpin backwards and then they spin back to the front at the same time where another two spin backwards... PURE BRILLIANCE!

John: I'm gonna check it out for sure!

GeoShina said...

Hey Troy.. first I wanna say that I´ve been reading your blog since last year, but I think this is the first time I leave any comment here. Just like you.. I was crazy about Ace of Base... from Happy Nation till Da Capo... I was a really good "acer" i.m.o. :)
Now.. about Melodifestivalen (which I also enjoy watching since 2003..). I would say that the ones I´ve enjoyed are:

- Da Buzz: Stop! Look! Listen! (those guys have crappy voices.. but the song is great)
- The Attic feat. Therese - The Arrival
- Linda Bengtzing - Jag Ljuger Så Bra
- Aphro Dite - Never Let It Go


Troy said...

Geo - You've picked some awesome choices there... Linda is one of my favorite swedes of all time@

Thanks for the post it's good to hear from ya!

Anonymous said...

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