Saturday, July 19, 2008

Feels Just Like The Devil's Ridin' Me

WOW! Talk about a comeback! Sarah Connor is back with a vengence!

The singer debuted in Germany back in 2001 breaking records with her successful singles. She's the first act ever in Germany to hit number 1 with 4 consecutive singles. She immediately became a huge star in Germany... but when her third single - From Sarah With Love spread across Europe she was soon in demand across the globe.

The name Sarah Connor may actually sound familiar to pop music fans in North America because of her single - Bounce. The track was never originally intended to be released in North America... as she was unknown outside of Europe. But in 2003 a pair of US Dj's came across the single and started playing it. Before long the song had spread and Sony USA decided to release it across North America. The song soon began to chart in Canada and the US but a pregnant Sarah Connor was unable to promote the track.

While Sarah has still been very much involved in music over the past 4 years... she hasn't been making any real waves outside of Germany. Over the past 3 years she's released a bunch of Christmas albums, a Motown cover album and contributed to various movie soundtracks.

In 2007 Sarah announced that she was going to work on a new album that would be more suited to the dance floor. That album is now finished and the first single is 'Under My Skin.'

This is one of the best songs so far to be released this summer. You need to download this track and start playing it everywhere! I think she could be a huge hit for her across the globe.



Paul said...

unrelated sort of, but i went to a faith healer thingy in america once with some buddies and the preacher came storming up to my gay ass and smacked his palm on my forehead and yelled "you got the devil ridin you boy. Be gone!" It was so bizarre and left a bruise for days!

Troy said...

oh my god... LOL... Paul, you're amazing you know that :)

Anonymous said...

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