Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hope & Glory!

WOW! THIS IS IT! Today the first 8 names were announced for Melodifestivalen 2009. There aren't too many surprises here as most of these names were already flying about. The great news is that they are now official.

Mans Zelmerlow
Sarah Dawn Finer
Alcazar - Stay The Night
Jennifer Brown

What I find amazing is that if there are such huge names in the first 8 acts announced just wait until the rest of the acts are announced! Each of the first 8 acts are established stars in Sweden with 6 of the 8 having made it to the finals of Melodifestivalen before.

You will all remember Emilia from her massive international hit single - Big Big World... she enters Melodifestivalen for the first time next year. Jennifer Brown also makes her competition debut next year. She's been around for quite some time in Sweden and has released 4 albums over the last 15 years.

BWO - Paradise On Mars

Alcazar - I Love The DJ

The biggest question so far is what is going to happen between Alcazar and BWO! Both acts have competed multiple times in the competition and each of them have placed 3rd twice. It's clear that both acts have a massive following but it's going to take a unique song to really get the entire country to rally behind the act rather than relying just on the bands fan bases.


Poster Girl said...

I feel like I should have a countdown going so I know the exact number of days, but I don't, so instead...


I do wonder if they've front-loaded this announcement with big names, though (though I'm still expecting the jokers to be big names, too). Oh well--I'd welcome some brilliant newcomers, too!

Schlager Queen said...

Its gonna be an exciting mf! what u think of markoolio as wildcard?

Faithe said...

I'm channeling all my success!vibes toward Mans now. Yay!!

Anonymous said...

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