Monday, November 10, 2008



For those of you who don't know this blog is under attack.

Over the past few weeks posts that I've made have been removed due to copyright infringements over the songs I've posted.

I will not let this stop me from posting about the best pop music around!
Shutting this blog down will not stop music fans from sharing the music they love.

The purpose of this blog is to promote the songs and artists who often only release music in select countries/territories.

As a music fan I have spent thousands of dollars on importing albums and singles from all over Europe because those cds are never released here in North America. If it wasn't for fans sharing songs from these artists online I would never have discovered the artists and never paid for the albums.

When a record label refuses to release a cd on iTunes internationally or refuses to accept North American credit cards so that fans can download the mp3's legally on the artists web site, fans have no choice but to download the songs for free using a variety of sites online.

If you are a fan of Pop music and a fan of Same Difference please support them by purchasing their album and thereby ensuring future releases from the brilliant duo.

To those of you that have heard Same Difference - We R One... I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

If you missed out on the song please visit their official myspace where you can check out clips from their forthcoming album - POP!

You can pre-order the debut album from Same Difference - Here


Paul said...

Blogger seem to have gone a bit crazy with the whole remove songs lately. That said, i love love love the s'diff single and can't wait for the album :)

Troy said...

Im considering my options.

Perhaps moving the blog to a new server?

Maybe doing an e-mail blog? where you can sign up and i send the songs directly to your inbox?!

Paul said...

i've been thinking the same actually - or having the normal blog still running and people sign up for an accompanying email perhaps?

Poster Girl said...

My coping strategy--which has only partial effectiveness, but it's something--has been a mix of avoiding mentioning the song title and artist in the post (I figure in most cases the label is too busy to be individually monitoring blogs, especially ones that aren't big, so they only find them through searching) and, for when posts do get deleted, I've subscribed to my own blog in the RSS feed reader I use--that way, I can copy and paste whatever I wrote and repost that on the blog (though granted you lose any comments people had made) from the feed reader (which saves the whole post even if it's deleted), just without the offending song.

Troy said...

Ohh good idea PPG... i think im gonna try that.

RV said...

I share the same feeling as you : I've never stopped buying my cds except I buy now international releases easier than before on import in shops and downloads I fall in love with always finished bought in cd zt home :)
and...btw teh Same Difference album is already pre-ordered :)
reminds me of H&Claire/Steps

Richee said...

It's actually frustrating, I completely agree with your comments.

My only medium to discover new music is through reading blogs online that fans put up. With the demise of pop music tv and magazines and the fact that radio stations in the UK dont ever break the norm there are no other sources. Yes I have stopped buying the American artists and UK songs that I use to get from Woolworths, but now thats replaced with purchases from CDON and the like. I think you actually do the work for these record labels they should be doing themselves!!

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