Monday, February 02, 2009

When Good Songs Go Bad: She Doesn't Got It

What is it about french songs not translating well to english?

The best example of this has always been Alizee who had some fantastic french singles that not only didn't sound as good when they were sung in english, they flat out didn't make much sense!

Anyone remember this classic line?

"Bubbles and water
Legs up for hours
My goldfish is under me
To bathe for hours
Makes my mouth water
I’m “formely” ecstatic
It’s not a problem
I lazy ‘round
Bubbly and stubborn"

What the heck?! Those are actually the English lyrics to Alizee's single - I'm Fed Up.

Well someone thought the only way to break Kate Ryan into the Uk would be to translate her mega hit "Ella Elle La" into English.

That person needs to be fired.

Not only has the song lost it's punch but the flow of the lyrics is lost when she sings it in English.

Am I being too harsh? What do you guys think? Hate it? Love it?

Kate Ryan - Ella Elle La (English Version)



Madam_Im_Adam said...

your 100% correct!
I heard this about a week ago and its terrible!
the flow is gone and that euphoric feeling is lost!
its like Ricki-Lee - Can't Touch This all over again!
Why does the UK have to mess with songs?

Anonymous said...