Sunday, February 01, 2009

2008 - Melodifestivalen Favorites

I really can't believe it's been one year since we all waited anxiously to hear the 2008 entires from BWO, Charlotte Perrelli, Sanna Nielsen and Linda Bengtzing.

2008 was a record breaking year in Sweden for Melodifestivalen as it continued to dominate the ESC National Selection contests in Europe. No country comes even close to the interest, popularity and success of Melodifestivalen.

Personally I felt like 2008's competition was one of the best I've seen. Not only were the songs fantastic but the competition was fierce! Almost every semi-final was a real nail-biter with no obvious winner for the most part. There was scandal... whether you were voting for or against "Androla" there was scandal when Carola and Andreas failed to make it through to the finals after losing to 'Nordman' in the Second Chance Round. And the best part was that although Charlotte was pegged as a favorite to win even before the songs were played it was a close call as Sanna came THIS CLOSE to beating her.

After one year are the songs still as good? Which songs had staying power?

Here are my favorite Melodifestivalen songs of 2008!

I tried to organize them but I can't choose the best of them... I like them all! The first 5 are definitely the top 5 ... but really they're all interchangable within the top and bottom list.

Alexander Schold - Den Forsta Svalan

I don't think this song would work as well in English as is does in Swedish. I was lucky enough to catch Alexander singing a live acoustic version of this track right in downtown Stockholm and it was even better then the studio version.

Amy Diamond - Thank You

Probably the funnest song of the year. I never expected her to win with this one but I'm glad she made it through to the finals. Amy continues to release some of the best pop music in sweden. Every track on each of her 3 albums is really good which is rare for a pop artist.

Charlotte Perrelli - Hero

The song that won it all. A fantastic performance, the voice, the lasers and the world famous head spin dance move. Too bad the music video was a complete waste. Something tells me that after she bombed at Eurovision, the Swedes are going to go in a completely different direction this year.

Linda Bengtzing - Hur Svart Kan De Va?

Linda! She's so determined and shes my absolute favorite swedish celebrity. She also got her highest Melodifestivalen placing with this track which the juries loved but the swedish public didn't reward with votes unfortunately. Oh Linda... please come back in 2010!!

Johnson & Haggkvist - One Love (Soundfactory Remix Posted For Download)

The best moment ever was when Carola thought she was going to win the spot in the finale and they called 'Nordman' instead. You can re-live the moment again on YouTube!

Patrik Isaksson & Bandet - Under Mitt Tunna Skinn

I told you before that I love Patrik Isakssons voice and this is my favorite song of his overall. He ALMOST had a spot in the finals too!

BWO - Lay Your Love On Me

Ok so this song should be really high on the list as well. Not only is it one of their best songs in a long time (IMO) but their performance was amazing. I loved Marina sprawled across the couch whispering into the mic for her one line.

Daniel Mitsogiannis - Pame

Although the song is one of my favorites of the year... this performance was one of the absolute worse! What was he wearing?! Who choreographed that routine?! It was a disaster :(

Nordman - I Lagornas Sken

I never really liked this one until after all was said and done and I got home and stopped blaming them for taking Carolas rightful spot in the finale. I really enjoy this track now and how different it is from the rest of them.

Ola - Love In Stereo

Sure the bagpipes make absolutely no sense at all to the song... but who cares?!

Sibel - That's Where I'll Go

Another song that took awhile to grow on me... I think it was actually watching her belt it out live that made me really appreciate the track.


Troy said...

Wow I can't believe Rongedal already have 2 votes!

I know I left them off the list... and I do love the song... but at the rate i was going i was gonna end up posting every song as my favorite and I really havent played their song that much lately.

I also left Sanna off the list as well... I feel bad... she should have been on my list. Maybe ill edit it and add her back up!

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