Friday, May 02, 2008

Show Me A Mountain i Can't Climb

YES! So I woke up this morning... opened my mailbox to find a signed copy of Charlotte Perrelli's new album - Hero.

I've given it a quick listen to and here are my initial thoughts. First of all this is the first time I've ever really listened to a lot of her material. I know Take Me To Your Heaven of coarse... and I've heard the odd single here and there, but I've never listened to one of her albums before.

My first thought is that I really like her voice. She really is a versatile singer and really can sing anything. Like Sanna's album I would describe this as an international sounding album. It is not an album full of Schlager songs unfortunately... but there is something on here for everyone and it's going to appeal to a broad audience! You have 'Hero' and 'Bullet' for the schlager fans. There's a wide variety of ballads and then you get some mid-tempo treats like 'Not Alone' 'Addicted' and 'Slowly.'

Is it the must have pop album of the year? Not even close, but it's a nice album, easy to listen to... but not overly catchy. Besides 'Hero' and 'Bullet' you won't have these songs running through your head 24/7. All I can say is thank god for Fredrik Kempe who wrote half the songs on the album. This man is a pop genius and I cannot wait to hear his new group that PPG mentioned on her blog while back.

If you haven't heard Bullet you are missing out! It's going to be her next single and is FANTASTIC! Really hard hitting and the perfect follow up to 'Hero.' A ton of blogs have already posted it so instead you can check out this one which is also a bright spot on the album.



John said...

You really need to get Charlotte's Gone Too Long album from 2004. Pure Schlager from start to finish. You'll LOVE it! I can send some highlights if you like?

The Hero album is a total grower. I think it's great now! Addicted may not be Schlager, but it's a fantastic song!

Troy said...

Really?! If you could that would be awesome.

I'm adding the Hero album to my iPod now so I can really give it a chance. It may not be 100% Schlager... but I am liking it for sure!

Poster Girl said...

Ah, John beat me to the comment, but yes, you definitely need Gone Too Long!

John said...

Sure thing. I'll leave some yousendit links here. Tell me whether they work or not. And what you think of them of course!

Million Miles Away

All By Myself

Where Were You?

Broken Heart

If you have a Gmail account I can forward the whole album. It's quite hard to get hold of these days.

I don't suppose you have Natten Har En Hemlighet by Linda Bengtzing do you? It's not on either of her albums but I've heard it's good....

Troy said...

Hey John...

Thank you so much! These songs are AMAZING! I had heard Million Miles Away before and it's a real stomper... I'm LOVING Where Were You... it really reminds me of Da Buzz in a way actually! Ohh and the other two are great as well. I can't believe I never realised these existed before!

I've got that Linda Bengtzing song thanks to PPG. I'll shoot you the link. It's really good and should have been on her debut album I think.

Anonymous said...

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