Saturday, May 10, 2008

Tell Me When The Morning Comes

Jarvis Church

I don't post songs from Canadian artists too often but I have posted about a Canadian band 'Prozzak' that had some big hits back in 2000. Well the 2 guys of 'Prozzak' come from a Canadian band called 'The Philosopher Kings' who peaked in the mid-90's are released an album as recently as 2006. The lead singer of the Philosopher Kings is Jarvis Church who has achieved some success in Canada as a solo artist and as a producer.

Anyways, I was listening to David Jordans album recently and his voice and style reminded me of Jarvis Church. His name may not sound familiar to you but he's worked with fellow Canadians Esthero and Nelly Furtado. So I dug through some of my old Mp3's and found a gem of a song - Who Will Be Your Man. It was probably the poppiest thing on his album which was released back in 2002. The song is catchy and he has a great voice. This may not be your typical cheesy pop song, but is definitely worth a listen to.

Meanwhile David Jordan is set to release his new single - Move On in the Uk which is a fantastic choice after the amazing 'Sun Goes Down.'


KulPop said...

Good to see your Canadian content. Just to clarify, the gentleman's real name is Gerald Eaton, and he used the moniker Jarvis Church to release and album under.

I saw the Philospher Kings open for Nick Heyward before their first album came out and they were pretty good.



Troy said...

Hey Kul!

You're spot on about his real name. He records under Jarvis Church... I just never liked the name Gerald, so I never bothered to include it in his write up ;)

I can't really remember any songs from the Philosopher Kings though! I know they had one big hit when I was in high school.

Paul said...

David Jordan is very amazing is he not? Move On is stunning. If you need the remixes give me a holler.

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