Thursday, May 01, 2008

Just Like The Sun In Heaven... We Will Be Glorious!

So I've been super busy lately and not posting as often as I'd like to... I have a stack of songs that I wanna post so please bear with me and I'll get to them eventually.

I know Melodifestivalen JUST ended and Eurovision isn't even over yet... but that hasn't stopped me from speculating over who will enter Melodifestivalen next year!

There are new artists that enter every year, acts that are looking to expand their fan base by entering the competition and then there are the established acts that return to the competition after a few years away.

Who will enter in 2009?! I have a wish list going already and one of those artists is Shirley Clamp. She has turned her back on schlager but I think that by next year the timing will be right and it would be the perfect time for her to launch a new album.

Of the 4 albums Shirley has released, the first two are fantastic pop albums that any pop fan would be proud to own; songs like Att Alska Dig and Lever Minna Drommar are timeless!

If songs sung in Swedish aren't your thing... she has a track from her debut album called 'Champions' that is worth a download. The song was Sweden's official soccer world cup song in 2004. Can I just say that I love the fact that the world cup song in Sweden is a really gay pop song... sigh... only in Sweden.
Who do you want to see back in the competition next year?!


Anonymous said...

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Poster Girl said...

Speaking of your "only in Sweden" line, I've seen a Swedish (male) soccer team (though not a professional one) practicing to Andreas Lundstedt's "Move." Love that. Can you imagine that in the U.S. or Canada?

John said...

I reckon it might be 2010 for Shirley. She'll have only just had her baby around the selection period after all...

I think Alcazar are more or less a cert. Jill Johnson has been hinting for a few years, I reckon she's fairly likely as well. Linda Bengtzing is always a high probability of course. Mans Zelmerlow is probably the major frontrunner for next year too.

Other possibilities

Nanne - I think she'll be back with One More Time rather than solo, they've hinted that they're working on something new.

Pomp - Frekrik Kempe's new band with Anna Sahlene and (Possibly) Jesssica Andersson!

Sarah Dawn Finer - Frankly I was surprised she didn't come back this year to capitalise on her success. Sonja too maybe, but I think Sarah has more to gain.

Personally I reall really want to see Sandra Dahlberg back. Her album is amazing and Har Stannar Jag Kvar is definitely in my all time top 5 MF songs. I just hope she can get over her (justified) bitterness at the indignity of being defeated by Bjorn Kjellman and the Rednex in 06!

GeoShina said...

I wish (as if this had any chance of happening) that Ace of Base could enter the contest with an amazing and 100%-hit-single song.

Anonymous said...

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