Friday, August 22, 2008

81 Days And Counting


Mark these days down NOW! On November 17th (The Day before my birthday) Same Difference will FINALLY release their debut single. Then on November 24th they will follow it up with their debut ALBUM!!

This is the best news of the year from the best new band of the year. It's been a long journey for the band and there was never any real certainty that they would actually get to release a full album.

This is a true test to see if the public are willing to spend money on good old fashioned pop music again.

Support the little guys and BUY their album when it comes out.

If you have no clue what I'm talking about and don't know who Same Difference are then watch this!


Paul said...


Jamie said...

I just dont understand the appeal and I love my camp. They're just so nauseating!

turnaround said...

I need this so much.
Go QuizLarossi.
I expect another SIX-ish album.

Schlager Queen said...

cant wait love them!

. said...

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