Monday, August 11, 2008

When I Play... I Play For Keeps

Ugh Today is a great day for Pop Music! Seriously where would we be without Sweden? It's hoenstly the only country left in the world that produces serious pop music that is still popular in the mainstream.
Today we celebrate 3 fantastic tracks from 3 Swedish super dance divas!
Let's Begin...

Agnes Carlsson

The winner of Swedish Idol is back for her 3rd album! If you're a regular reader here at YDKP you'll remember that her last album had some killer tracks on it. Well she has finally released the first single from her forthcoming 3rd album and she has really upped the ante! When I first saw the track had been released I assumed it would be either a cheesy ballad or an attempt at being 'cool' with an R n B based track. She's done us proud though by going with a BIG epic dancey pop track.

This is a MUST download...

Agnes Carlsson - On and On


Hot off the heels of her dissapointing placement in 'Melodifestivalen' earlier this year. Velvet isn't giving up and delivers her best offering to date with this track from her new album to be released soon.

Velvet - Take My Body Close


Elin Lanto

So I will admit I HATED her song in 2007's Melodifestivalen. 'Money' was bland and her performance was rotten. But she sold me with 'Speak N Spell' which was a favorite of mine earlier this year. Her latest single isn't as good as Speak N Spell... but it's not bad!


BigBackDoor said...

So far, I d/l Agnes and Elin - I'd never heard songs by either one,but love them both !

Cheers !

Anonymous said...

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