Tuesday, August 05, 2008

New Music Monday... On A Tuesday!

To make up for my lack of updates I have some hot new tracks for you to evaluate!

Talk about a departure from their last album! Their first album was very in your face pop music but with their first two singles Infernal have really come into their own. I find their new songs to be a new brand of sophisticated dancey/pop music. I'm really excited for the album now which will be released next week!


This years American Idol runner up finally delivers his debut single - Crush. I think the guy has a great voice... and sure the song is easy to listen to, the chorus is catchy... but its soooo TIRED! I've heard this song a billion times! It's been done over and over and over. It's a safe and boring single choice... not that I expected anything else from him. I just find it all a little boring.

It's funny how a slight tweak to the beat can make a great song even better but they did it with this slight remix! Check it out.


Paul said...

oh Infernal! How lovely the dude is :) I am most eager for their album which is out next week I believe!! Woo hoo!

Ultimately v disappointed with Archie, but i knew i would be. Bring on Same Diff I say :)

amoss12000 said...

You've got me salivating for Electric Cabaret! I'm trying not to download any of the singles!

I really couldn't care less with David Archuleta - but It's A nice-enough track.

Loving the BWO remix though!

Patrick Roberts said...

he's certainly proven himself to be a great performer (besides being competitive)... I'm thinking his new CD will be worth getting for sure

Anonymous said...

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