Monday, October 13, 2008


Hey Everyone...

So first off I owe a huge apology for the lack of updates without any explanation at all. To be honest life sorta god in the way and I had been lacking any inspiration.

But so much has happened in the world of pop music I have no choice but return to the blogosphere to help celebrate the biggest resurgence in pop music in years!!! Everyone who is anyone is releasing new music right now or is in the process of releasing new music.

But I'm back now! So tell your friends, give me a shout out on your blog! If there are any new blogs out there shoot me an e-mail or leave a comment so I can check you out!

With so much going on where do I start?!

I'll start with a post about the first band I ever loved - Ace of Base.

For their fans it's been a long long wait for anything from this band. When their comeback was announced a year ago there were promises of a remix album, new songs, new material and a world tour. Their new website launched on April 9th and 2 weeks later was forgotten and has never been updated since.

Basically the band have dropped their management and are continuing to work on a deal to get their new music released as soon as possible. To help built momentum before any new material is released the band have FINALLY released the studio version of Wheel of Fortune 2009. This version will show up on a new greatest hits compilation to be released in Scandinavia and Japan.

So cross your fingers and let's hope that by this time next year the band will finally have released their 5th studio album. Until then you can enjoy this re-vamped version of Wheel Of Fortune. I really do love it! It's a great example of the direction the band is heading in. It also does a great job of taking an old song and making it sound fresh and new. I actually like it a lot better than the original.

Ace of Base - Wheel Of Fortune 2009


Aaron said...

You're back!!!!


I've been a long-time reader - and I finally got my ass into gear and started my own blog. It's at

Oh and the song? Love It!

Paul said...

hurrah you are back! Finally! As aaron said :) It's been far too long. Loving vocoder happy ace of base, makes me yearn for a new album. Oh and not long til Same Diff :P

Poster Girl said...

Yup, ditto on the so glad you're back sentiments :)

Anonymous said...

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