Saturday, October 25, 2008


The song titles have been announced... the speculation has begun... tickets have sold out! Melodifestivalen fever has already begun and there's still almost 4 months until the first night of competition!
At 12am on Thursday night I sat at my computer like a mad scientist as I fought against thousands of other fans for one of the coveted tickets to the Final on March 14th in Stockholm. The good news is that I was successful! Not only do I have 2 floor seats to the final... but I have ROW 6 seats on the floor for the Dress Rehersal!
This will be my third trek to Sweden to catch the event and if you haven't been you really ought to consider it! Although tickets are sold out you can still find tickets at various ticketing sites online.
Mans Zelmerlow, BWO, Alcazar... the rumours are flying! Who will take part in 2009? Who will the 4 wildcards be?!


John said...

God you're so lucky. I was up early trying to get tickets too, but I couldn't get any! Not even rubbish ones! How did you get Floor seats???

Troy said...

Last year I logged on too late... so i was on the site an hour and a half before they went on sale refreshing every 2 seconds.

Dont give up though try getting tickets from a secondary site! Itll be worth it.

Poster Girl said...

You're so lucky getting to go to Sweden PERIOD...I miss it! :-/

Martha said...
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Schlager Queen said...

so lucky!!! i couldnt get them but got andra chansen.. do you know the sites that they are on sale now?

Anonymous said...

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