Saturday, January 31, 2009

Something Kinda ... NEW!


I believe in sharing music with other music fans so that we can discover new artists, share the music we love and promote artists around the world. I also believe in supporting artists who release this music by purchasing their albums and seeing them on tour.

Living in North America where there isn't a lot of good ole fashioned pop music around you can go your whole life unaware of all the amazing acts and songs that are around out there.

That's why I started this blog and to keep this goal alive I have a MASSIVE change coming to "You Don't Know Pop."

I hope to reveal it very soon, so although there haven't been a lot of updates in the last week... keep your browsers here so you'll catch the announcement when it comes!



Aaron said...

Ooh - That's cruel!!! Please share!!!!!

Poster Girl said...

Yeah, Troy, talk about teasing! ;)

Paul said...

can't wait. PS hope you didn't catch anything from Katy Perry :P

Troy said...

Its top secret! but itll be awesome! just you wait!

Anonymous said...

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