Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Let's Fight For Love Again...

The reunions just keep on coming and coming...

On Friday afternoon one of the most successful European pop acts of all time is adding themselves to the list.

The seeds of the band were planed back in 1989! But it wasn't until 1993 that Soren, Claus and Rene discovered Lene Nystrom and a single was released in Sweden under the name 'Joyspeed.' The single was a flop and the band parted ways with their record label, fired their manager and set out to re-develop their sound by focusing on European Bubblegum Pop. In 1996 the band was offered a record deal with 'Universal' and the rest is history. The band entered what Aqua fans fondly refer to as the 'Aquarium Age.' A total of 8 singles were released in various territories around the world. The band had massive success across the globe during this period. The band ended up being most popular right here in Canada! Their debut album went 9 times platinum... more than any other country in the world!

When the second album was released in 1999 off the back of 'Cartoon Heros' it seemed that things had cooled off for the band. Although the album wasn't as big as their first... it did sell well across the globe and spawned 5 hit singles in various countries around the world.

In 2001 the band had begun working on a 3rd album when the pressure became too much. Rumours swarmed that a rift had begun in the band, Lene collapsed on stage during a tour and in July the band announced the split. Their official website closed down with a simple message:

"Good-bye To The Circus...We Hope You Enjoyed The Show" and a message that said... "We'll Be Back."

Almost 7 years later they're making good on that promise. The band has just promised a European tour of at least 25 dates and commited to a Greatest Hits album with some new singles as well.

The official announcement is expected at a press conference on Friday Oct. 26th!

I hope I'm not the only one excited about this?! I used to LOVE Aqua! I had the books, the videos, the cd's and the bubblegum!

So let's go back in time and enjoy a megamix from the "Aquarius Age"

I really wanna post some of their other songs now too... but maybe I'll leave them for another day?

How about my favorite video of all time? Bumble Bees!


snazzyzeo said...

you just totally made my day/year .... i would love for them to announce plans for more albums in the future. keep me updated with the press release!

PopaDom said...

Great blog, you know your pop even if I don't !

Anonymous said...

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