Sunday, October 28, 2007

The wait is over! I've been meaning to write about this band for a LONG LONG time! For some reason I've always passed them over. But I'm finally putting Da Buzz in the spotlight.

Da Buz have to be one of my ALL TIME favorite Swedish artists. They write and produce their own material. They've released 7 albums which is a massive achievement for a pop act. What's even better is that each album is even more amazing than the last.

Da Buzz debuted back in in Sweden back in 1999 with their debut single 'Paradise' which had moderate success considering they were a new act. Their next two singles debuted in the top 10 and established that Da Buzz were not just a one hit wonder. In 2000 their single 'Let Me Love You' was remixed by Hex Hector in the US and went on to become an international dance smash single around the world.

It wasn't until their 3rd album and their 8th single in 2003 that Da Buzz finally had their first number 1 with 'Alive.' A feat they repeated in 2006 with 'Last Goodbye' in 2006.

I'm actually really suprised that they've been around as long as they have. I keep expecting to hear that they've split up or been dropped by their record label. Earlier this month they released their first Greatest Hits album. What I love most about Da Buzz is that some of their best songs have never even been released as singles!

So if you don't know Da Buzz this is your chance to educate yourself on one of the best pop acts of the last 7 years! Below are some of my favorite album tracks. If you like these please purchase their Greatest Hits album HERE.