Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Love Is What You Make Of It...

Today is a beautiful sunny day for once here in Vancouver, Canada. It's the perfect day for cheesy bubblegum pop if you ask me. These tracks have been around for ages now... but if you don't have them this is the perfect chance to get some new tracks. WARNING - The following songs are extremely cheesy.

Anyone remember a band called 'S Club 7?' Back in 2001 S Club 7 created a television show 'S Club Search' where they would form a new band to be their support act on their Wembley Date of their Carnival tour. After the success of that concert 19 management decided the group would continue to support S Club 7 for the entire tour and were dubbed 'S Club Juniors.'

It wasn't long before the band had their own fans and were signed to Polydor records. The band had massive success with their first 3 singles all entering the charts at #2! After the success of their debut album the band went on a joint tour with S Club called: S Club United!

During the United tour it was announced that S Club would be splitting up. S Club Juniors management decided they would re-label the band 'S Club 8.' The band began to promote their new mature image and sound as S Club 8.

Unfortunately the public seemed to have had an S Club overload. The singles from their 2nd album failed to sell as well as the first. Their 2nd album failed to light up the charts.

Due to the perceived failure of their 2nd album their management company decided to make some radical changes to the band. A new television show was created and the band were added to the show as the main cast. In addition to S Club 8, 5 other actors were added to the show which was titled iDream.

But as the single and album from iDream were released it was clear that fans had lost touch with the act. The single debuted at #19 and the album entered the charts at #133.

I've always considered the demise of S Club 8 a result of poor management. Fortunately the band produced some ace pop tracks that will go down in pop history.

The allSTARS* had a handful of hit singles and an album in the Uk back in 2001. The group had a childrens television show called 'StarStreet.' The band released 4 singles in the Uk and seemed to be gaining momentum with every release. Their debut single peaked at #20 and their further singles reached #12, then #9! The band then released their final single and it stalled at #19. When the album failed to live up to sales expectations spending only 2 weeks in the top 75 they were dropped by their record label.

The track 'Love Is' was rumoured to be their 5th single from the album before they were dropped. It is a classic pop gem that will have you singing along in no time.


Jake said...

Love Is was my favourite cut from that album.

As for S Club 8, the track Sundown could have been a hit for any big artist. It is very melodic and has a catchy european sound.

If anyone likes Allstars and S Club 8, try also A Teens (Sweden), BeFour (Germany), Six (Ireland) and POP! (UK)

Elizabeth said...

Love is is a great song! I was a huge fan and have the album and the Starstreet videos.

I also have the S Club Juniors/8 albums, much to my friends' dismay... very catchy!

Anonymous said...

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