Monday, October 08, 2007

Things Aint Never Gonna Be The Same Again

New Music Monday

I have just dicovered the best song EVER!

I don't care if you have never liked the Sugababes before... this song is a MUST download.

I wrote that the Sugababes were releasing a new album and that moment has arrived. The album is definitely one of the top 5 released this year.

The most impressive song has to be 'Change.' Maybe it's because I relate so well to the song, but something tells me you will all appreciate it as well.

The song is big, epic and dramatic sounding without being over the top. The girls voices fit together so well. The song sends shivers down my spine, it's THAT GOOD!

It's everything you could ever want from a modern pop song.

Do you agree?

P.S. Happy Thanksgiving from Vancouver, Canada!

P.P.S: I want to dedicate this post to my friend PopPosterGirl... You're in all of our thoughts.


Poster Girl said...

Oh Troy, that's so sweet...thank you! I'm touched.

P.S. The Ola song below is one of my favorites from the album as well.

xolondon said...

Change is one of the best ballads since Whole Lotta History!

Anonymous said...

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