Monday, April 28, 2008

I'm Trying To Be Cool But You're Making Me Hot

TrueBliss, Bardot, Velvet Empire, Sugar Jones, No Angels, Girls Aloud, Hear'Say, Bro'Sis, Monrose...Room 2012?

What do these bands have in common?

They were all formed by various versions of the television show 'Popstars.' The show began back in 1999 in New Zealand with the creation of girl group - TrueBliss. The show concept was then sold internationally and over the next 5 years the airwaves and charts were inundated with 'Popstars' acts. Eventually the shows popularity waned and the show was dropped in every country except for one. Almost 10 years after its debut the show is still creating new bands and is still successful. That country is Germany! Although it was also announced last year that the 'Popstars' show will return to France this year as well.

The latest band to come from Germanys 'Popstars' are Room2012. The show started last summer and were announced the winners in December 2007. Room2012 are the 6th band to win the German competition but are also the first band to win that did NOT have their debut single or album go to number 1 in the charts. In fact their second single bombed when it peaked at #52 last month.

So what does this mean for the future of the show? I have to admit that I was sort of shocked to hear that the format was still being used... I guess those Germans really do love their popstars! But the lack of success for Room2012 has me asking the question... how important are record sales to shows like this?

Look at American Idol which is on it's 7th season in the US. For the first time in it's run the show is starting to show it's age. The show is still a powerhouse in the ratings... but thsoe ratings have started to dip this year. Of the 6 previous winners how many of those winners have truly had any real success? The list is extremely short. I would argue that the only true success has come from Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood. Of coarse I'm not including some of the other finalists that have had a lot of success such as Clay Aiken, Chris Daughtry and Kellie Pickler.

Are these shows really about the best singers? Do the right contestants win these shows? And if the public is choosing the right winners why are they not more successful?

Check out a list of the best selling American Idol contestants Here.

I do know this... American Idol isn't going anywhere anytime soon. I believe the entire cast of Judges and Ryan Seacrest are under contract until 2010.
Check out the latest single from Room2012 below:


Robpop said...

Okay, i can only speak for germany and.....not for the US show. My impression with Room2012...where it went wrong..was a number of things.......

Room2012-arn't really a German popstars band in the same way the Preluders are. The show was changed to be a strange missmatch of popstars, fame academy and danceX. They released two albums as AllStars and as Room2012. This is unheard of before. AllStars did quite well. So actually their albums sold quite a lot. However, Room2012 were created as a side project to tour and support Monrose. Its not truly a popstars band. Another factor you've got to consider is the "massiveness" of Monrose and the comeback of both No Angels and Anne Ross (in her girlband Milk/Honey). these three groups stole of a lot attention away from Room2012 and thus not making the final of band "eventTV" nor the album a key release. Plus you had BeFOUR arriving and taking everyone by surprise.......

Its not meant to be for Room2012. But it will be for the next band that follows them. My hunch is it will be a boyband....

Troy said...

Ohh thanks for the insights Rob!

I for one can't wait to hear what Monrose will do next.

I'm not in LOVE with Room2012... but I did like the idea of 3 guys and one girl. Hopefully the next band will be great.

turnaround said...

Oh I must correct a bit of what robpop said:

The Allstar albums was a massive flop! And Anne from Preluders didn't even get an album release with Milk and Honey here in Germany.

Room2012 just doesn't work because of several reasons, one being the guys there are pretty arrogant and unappealing. The songs are mostly covers and the lead single "Haunted" just didn't have an impact like all the Popstars winner songs before.

They are now on tour with Dj Bobo, but this shouldn't take them anywhere.

Monrose are the #1, they are currently working on the new single, have a song with Ryan Tedder on the new album. So things are looking grand for them and noone needs Room2012 anyway.

It wouldn't surprise me if the No Angels split again after a disastrous position in the ESC, which is quite obviously unavoidable.

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