Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Another Rainbow Shows You Who You Are...

This summer cities across the globe will celebrate Pride with rallys, parades, parties, music and celebrations. I find it so strange that people can hate, discriminate, hurt and kill other human beings just because or who they love. Every race, every sexuality, every gender... everyone deserves to be treated fairly and equaly.

Below are some of my favorite songs that stand for all of these things. Have a great summer! Turn up your stereo! And Don't Stop The Pop!

Darren Hayes - Listen All You People

Kate Ryan - We All Belong

Cher - Love One Another


John said...

Good selection of songs!

I don't suppose you have the English version of Bortom Tid Och Rum do you? It's called Universe Of Love and was released as a single, but now seems to be something of a rarity!

Troy said...

Ive seen it on youtube... but i dont have the mp3 of it!

Mayeb one of my swedish readers would upload it for us?!

BigBackDoor said...

Just saying ''Thanks'' for the fab tunes,and lovin the theme that links them.
Fab post.10/10

Anonymous said...

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