Tuesday, June 03, 2008

I Don't Wanna Hurt Anymore...


A huge apology for my sudden dissapearance. I just spent the last 2 weeks in Calgary for work and had no access to internet while I was away. I'm back though so spread the word and we'll get right back to the POP!

On Dec. 22nd 2001 Uk pop group Steps were performing their final stop on their 'Gold: Greatest Hits Tour.' Moments before the band were to hit the stage, band members Ian and Claire presented the other 3 with letters from their lawyers stating that they were leaving the group.

In an instant the Uk's biggest pop band were finished and the announcement was made public on Dec. 26th, 2001. While the other 3 members of the band felt betrayed by Ian and Claire, it was made worse when they found out that Ian and Claire were going going to release music as a duo from this point forward known as "H & Claire."

Their debut single received a lot of promotion, mostly off the back of the Steps split, there was a lot of interest to see what the duo would do. But Steps fans were divided over the duo's work. Many fans felt betrayed by the duo and refused to support them. The single debuted at #3 int he charts and the pair were also announced as presenters for SM:tv in the Uk, this gave them a built in audience to promote their music to.

By late 2002 the Uk chart scene began to change and move away from happy go lucky pop music. Their next singles charted at #8 and #10 but the final straw was when their album entered the chart at #53 and then fell off the following week.

Suddenly the band simply dissapeared. To this day there has never been an official announcement regarding the duo. There are rumours that although they are no longer recording together, they are still under a legal contract to WEA records, which means if Claire were to ever release solo material, she would be bound to release with WEA Records.

In a way I'm glad that H & Claire failed as a duo. It serves them right for the way they ended the band. At the same time I think the band split at the right time, they were on the top of their game and never had to stay together and watch people turn on the band.

As for H and Claire their solo music was mediocre at best... the album was fairly bland and probably isn't even remembered by many out there. That being said the band did produce one song that never really received the recognition it deserved.

'All Out Of Love' is a song that I can't get enough of 6 years after it's original release! It starts off slowly... builds up as it goes along... has a great dancey beat, a fantastic live dance routine and the video version even had a breakdown in the middle!

Another song to remember was Another You Another Me which was penned by Benny & Bjorn of Abba.

H & Claire - All Out Of Love

H & Claire - DJ

H & Claire - Another You, Another Me

Check out the fantastic dance routine to this song below!?
Does anyone else love this routine as much as I do?!


Paul said...

Me!I do! You can't beat a good arm twist spin into leg kick. Best routine since You'll Be Sorry

Jump! said...

This album was pretty dire. I'm pretty open to most music but this was truly generic. Having said that "DJ" was a fun song.

Pinkranger2000 said...

I'm a huge fan of Steps, but if you think H & Claire's album was bad, its YOU who doesn't know pop. That album was amazing, pretty much what a fourth Steps album would have sounded like.

Anonymous said...

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