Thursday, June 05, 2008

You Hide Behind Your Lies...

Ok so his career may be over... his last album tanked and his two singles weren't exactly smach hits. There was a time when Gareth Gates was one of the biggest stars in the uk and he had some decent songs!

Now I never did listen to his newest album (the 2 singles did nothing for me,) but I've just been going through some old mp3's and came across one of his old gems. 'Lies' is a great track that was on his second album - Go Your Own Way. The album was sorta cool actually. It had 19 tracks split onto 2 discs... one titled Day and one titled Night. 'Lies' was on the day album and was written by some of the best Swedish song writers around.

The song may be dated... but if you love old cheesy pop songs and you missed this one... it's a great one to add to your collection.


An interesting tidbit is that Gareth Gates holds a record for the loudest fans. They broke the record by screaming at 130 decibles at a concert in Sheffield! Now that's something to be proud of :)


turnaround said...

Great song, Jörgen Elofsson is my hero.

moonglow said...

Hi Troy
Gareth Gates broke many records in the first hectic 2 yrs of his career.He released 7 singles all top 5 hits including 4 no 1's in 12 months.He had massive hits in many European and Asian ountries.
Reports in South Africa said they had never seen such hysteria since the Beetles.The record sales never dropped as has been reported wrongly in the press/media.He took time out from choice to re assess his life and career and work on his speech.He is now a part time instructor on the MaGuire Programme helping other stammerers overcome their disability.
Its a pity you didn't get to hear tracks from his fab Album Pictures of the Other Side.Tracks and music mostly written and instruments played by Gareth himself.It goes from ballads to rock.If you get the chance i recommend you listen to tracks
Lost in You - Electric- New Kid in Town- 19 Minutes - Talking Minds Plus there are many more great tracks on the album
He is certainly one very talented artist

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