Monday, June 23, 2008

New Music Monday!

Earlier this year the newly re-formed Alcazar released 'We Keep On Rockin' which peaked at #4 in Sweden. The The new Alcazar continue to release music as a trio with their new track - Inhibitions. This one isn't as catchy as their last that's for sure. It's very different from any other single they've released in the past. It actually reminds me of Geri Halliwells "Look At Me." Anyone else see that connection? Although I'm not AMAZED with the new track I'm definitely looking forward to the album which should be released soon!

Katherine McPhee is fighting hard not to become another fallen Idol. After her first album was released in 2007 she was quickly dropped by her record label. It might have been the end of McPheever until she hooked up with the legendary David Foster. The two have been working together on a second album and the first of their songs has finally been released. It's being used to promote a Japanese Airline and is called 'All I Need Is You.' I much prefer this song to the kind of stuff she did on her debut album. Her voice is perfectly suited for these kinds of ballads. If she plays her cards right she could end up with a successful singing career. Hooking up with David Foster was definitely a smart move!

PS. Same Difference are now in Sweden working with the same people that worked with artists like Ace of Base, Steps and Enrique Iglasias... OMG I CANT WAIT!


Squeezy said...

Troy, I totally disagree with you about Alcazar's Inhibitions. I've had the song since I went to Eurovision (just over a month) and I love it!! I don't see the connection to Geri Halliwell either - I think it sounds more like Britney's new stuff!! I'm sure it will grow on you!! Steve

Troy said...

lol... everyones been disagreeing with me lately!

Well I have to admit I just changed my mind about the new Ola single... it's grown on me and I find myself singing along to it now...

Gimme a little bit with the Alcazar track. I don't hate it! And I like that they're doing thigns a bit different than they have in the past...

But it still reminds me of Look At Me for some reason! It looks like im on my own with that one though ;)

Squeezy said...

I'm glad you've come around to the Ola track Troy - I'm sure after our meeting with him in Sweden he would be upset if you didn't like it!! ;)

I think you'll end up loving the Alcazar track - I can't wait to see them at Pride in Sweden (yes I am going back!!)

Btw, Caracola are releasing Vamos Vamos as the new single - have you heard the remixes of Smiling In Love??!! Steve x

Troy said...

Aww Vamos Vamos!

They have remixes to smiling in love?!! Where have I been?!

I'm immensely jealous of your trip coming up :( I wanna hear all the stories!

Are you going back for Mfest 2009?! If you do I will!

Squeezy said...

Of course I am going back for Melodifestivalen 2009!! I think I might even go for longer like you did this time. We should definitely plan it!!

Yes, there are remixes of Smiling In Love - if you go to my blog there is a link to the site where you can buy them along with all other Caracola stuff!!

We really need a catch up - got so much to tell you!! Steve x

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