Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Can We Phixx It?! Yes We Can!

Phixx broke onto the music scene via the Uk "Popstars" show and immediately caught the spotlight through their racey and sexually suggestive videos.

They released 4 singles in the Uk which received mild success in the charts. They went through a rough patch when one member left the band after their 3rd single and lost another member of the band soon after their 4th single release and loss of a record label.

Although the band never really hit it big in the Uk, it is interesting to note that Phixx hit it big in South Africa in 2005! The band was so successful there that they launched a tour of South Africa and also released a full album 'Electrofunk Revolution.' Not only did they realease an album, but it was a good album! This has to be one of the best Pop albums of 2005 and it is too bad that Phixx never saw the success they deserved.
Original Sin - Here
Voyeur - Here
Temptation - Here
Watch their Sexually Explosive Videos Hold On Me and Love Revolution Below

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