Monday, November 13, 2006

When 5 Become 3

If these 3 boys don't seem familiar to you, try adding two more and thinking of the name:
Back in 2003 Irish boyband, D-side, broke onto the international music scene with their debut album, 'Stronger Together.' This album spawned 5 hit singles Stronger Together, Speachless, Invisible (later covered by Clay Aiken), Real World and the least successful - Pushin' Me Out.
Since their debut D-side lost 2 members, and have since released 2 more studio albums, their latest was released in Japan last week. Although they have yet to make any further impact in the Uk... they continue to have massive success through parts of Asia.
I've heard their new album and I find it to be quite bland... and it doesn't compare to the hard hitting ballads fans loved on their first album...
So in rememberance of D-side... below are some great album tracks from their 2003 debut.
Back In His Arms (Where She Belongs) - Here
Real World - Here
Where Do You Run - Here
Crazy World Of Love - Here

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