Thursday, November 16, 2006

Exclusive: When Reality Tv Meets Pop!

Since the reality TV explosion began about 6 years ago music and reality television have formed a tumultuous relationship that has seen extreme highs and dramatic lows. T.V. shows like 'Popstars' 'Fame Academy' 'American Idol' 'Search For A Superstar' and so many more.

It is a phenomenon that has swept the globe seeing variations of the above shows in every major country around the globe! Today we celebrate with some of Reality televisions greatest international achievments and dissapointments. Enjoy these downloads!

Alexander - Stay With Me (Pop Idol Germany Series 1)
Bardot - These Days (Popstars Australia Series 1)
Bro'Sis - I Believe - Exclusive Version (German Popstars Series 2)
Christine Milton - Superstar Remix (Danish Popstars Series 2)
Clea - The Lie (Uk Popstars - The Rivals)
Daniel Kublbock - Heartbeat (Pop Idol Germany Series 1)
Darius - Kindalove (Pop Idol UK Series 1)
Diana DeGarmo - Cardboard Castles (American Idol Season 3)
Excellence - We Can Dance (Swedish Popstars)
Gareth Gates - Lies (Pop Idol Series 1)
Girls Aloud - No Good Advice (Popstars - The Rivals: UK)
Guy Sebastian - Angels Brought Me Here (Australian Idol)
Hear'Say - Lovin' Is Easy (Popstars Uk Series 1)
Kelly Clarkson - Beautiful Disaster (American Idol Season 1)
K-Otic - I Surrender (Popstars - Netherlands)
Liberty X - Forever (Popstars Uk Series 1)
LMNT - Juliet (Making The Band Series 1 - USA)
No Angels - Feel Good Lies (Popstars - Germany Series 1)
One True Voice - Sacred Trust (Popstars - The Rivals: UK)
Phixx - Love Revolution (Popstars - The Rivals: UK)
Ryan Malcom - Star of all the Planets (Canadian Idol Season 1)
Sarah Whatmore - When I Lost You (Pop Idol UK Series 1)
Scene 23 - I Really Don't Think So (Popstars USA)
Scandal'ous - Be That Way (Popstars - Australia)
Supernatural - Kryptonite Radio Remix (Popstars Sweden)
Velvet Empire - Frontin' On Me (Popstars Canada Season 2)
WIll Young - Leave Right Now (Pop Idol Series 2 - UK)

WOW, there you have it! Some of the best Reality TV music out there. Enjoy!

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