Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Alla My Flickor!

This March I will be travelling to Sweden to see Melodifestivalen 2007! One of the artists I'm hoping will be there is Linda Bengtzing! I recently picked up her debut album 'Ingenting Att Forlora' and it is one of the best pop albums i've ever bought even though I have no idea what she is singing as the entire album is in swedish!

Download 'Ingenting Att Forlora' - Here
Buy her debut album - Here

Watch Linda as she strips off for Melodifestivalen 2006 below!

1 comment:

Tha Gay Dee Jay said...

I love linda bents...linda benz....benzi...

I love this song ja jug....ya jugge...yuggen....

Go Sweedan!