Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Faith Hill - Awards Ceremony Freak Out

Have you ever seen awards ceremonies and before they announce the winner the cameras show all the nominees on screen to catch their reactions when they find out they've lost?

When they hear they have lost most artists are genuinely happy for the winner and are happy to clap along, some look shocked when they found out they've lost, but still put on a fake smile because they know the cameras are rolling.

But this is a first! Earlier this week when the 2006 Country Music Awards were handed out Faith Hill freaked out on camera when it was announced that American Idol winner, Carrie Underwood, won best femal vocalist. As the nominations are read you can see Faith pacing and smiling, as the winner is read you see her arms go up as she shouts "WHAT?!" and walks off camera.

Faith and her manager have released statements saying that she was kidding around backstage, that her reaction was a joke and Faith would never act disrespectful to another artist.

A Joke?! Really funny joke! Just like Justin and Janet's fiasco was a "Wardrobe Malfunction!"

So was she serious? Or was she kidding? Watch the video below and decide for yourself!


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Keith said...

Ya know what, I have to say good for Faith! At least she's not fake. It could be worse she could pull a Kanye , storm the stage and tell everyone that she should have one.