Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Everybody Needs to Know...

The music industry can be a harsh place and it seems that bargain bins are always full of cd's from artists that deserved to do so much better or at the bottom of the singles chart you'll find a song that should have been top ten and will never make it.

There are a lot of reasons why this happens and often times has a lot to do with poor management and lack of support from radio and record labels.

Meet 'Zoo,' Irelands answer to bands like '5ive' & 'Point Break.' Zoo is a great example of what happens when bad things happen to a great band. Below is their story.

January 05 - Zoo are launched in Ireland. Their first song 'Wanted' is given away as a promo with an Irish teen magazine.

April 05 - After their initial launch in January Zoo finally release their single. Their debut single 'Poison' immediately hit number 1 and went on to become the best selling single in Ireland in 2005.
July 05 - Their 2nd single "I Wanna Be Your Lover' stormed to #3 in the singles chart.

June - July 05 - Zoo spend the summer in the Uk opening for Brian McFadden on his solo tour.

August 05 - Zoo become the first band ever to perform 2 sets at the O2 festival in August where they debut their new single 'Pour Some Sugar On Me.' They receive an amazing reception and become the highlight of the entire festival.

November 05 - Zoo are nominated for best Pop act at the Meteor Awards. The band continues to talk about their next single "Pour Some Sugar On Me" and perform it at concerts across Ireland. It is announced that 'Poison' will be released in the Uk in January 2006.

December 05 - In December there are rumours in the Irish press that the band is about to split. An official announcement is made that the band are not splitting and are working on their debut album and looking forward to the next single.

January 06 - January comes and goes... All information about a Uk release is taken off the official Zoo website. 'Poison' is never released in the Uk. The band shows up at the Meteor Awards where they fail to win best Pop act.

February 06 - Zoo perform at a benefit concert alongside other acts like Liberty X & Lee Ryan. Their official website announced that they have started to work on an album again and would be recording songs in Sweden, Denmark & the Uk.

March 06 - Band member Barry leaves the band.

May 06 - Their official website although it hadn't been updated in almost 2 months is updated with new pictures of the band in a recording studio. It is reported that the band have written and recorded songs with some of the biggest song writers in the industry. The website states it will not be long before Zoo prove that they are here to stay and new material is released.

September 06 - After not being updated for 3 months the official website confirms that Zoo have split up. It is reported that after Barry left the band continued to work on the album but the boys decided something was missing with Barry's absence. The 4 guys decided to remember the band for what it was and move on to other things. Since then 2 of them have formed their own production company while Greg Ryan is continuing on as a solo artist and is releasing his debut single in January 2007. The band finished by posting their unreleased single "Pour Some Sugar On Me" on their website as a free download.

Now you can can discover Zoo for yourself - Download some tracks below.

Zoo - Poision - A boyband with an edge. Their rockin' smash debut single.

Zoo - Wanted - An AMAZING power ballad and the reason I fell in love with Zoo. A very RARE track.

Zoo - Pour Some Sugar On Me - The unreleased Def Leppard cover
Zoo - I Believe - B-side Ballad

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