Sunday, January 28, 2007

You Have Yet To See Me Shining...

Kristian Leontiou
After scoring a meeting with the record label 'Polydor' they decided that Kristian would be better suited to sing rap music based on his looks. It took some time but the label finally decided to sign Kristian with his own music in 2003.

Kristian, who has dyslexia, saw initial success as his first single 'Story of my Life' went to #9 and his second single "Shining" hit #12 in the charts. 'Shining' also became the #32nd most played song of the year in 2004. His debut album went gold selling over 100'000 Copies when released in June 2004.

This success didn't last long as his 3rd single 'Some Day' missed the top 40 hitting #57. His album was re-released to minimal success and his final single 'Fast Car' was released as a download only.

The good news is that his debut album is STUNNING. Every track is brilliant in its own right. Kristian is still signed to Polydor records and is working on a 2nd album. Kristian has one of the best voices i've ever heard, listen to the songs from his debut album and you will agree.

It took me a little while to get into this song but when i finally gave it a chance it became my personal anthem in 2005. The lyrics are perfect - "I will not be beaten... you have yet to see me shining. I won't take this lying down."

This track was destined to be a single and is just begging to hit the top ten.

His final single released as download only. I didn't feel like this added anything different from the original Tracey Chapman version. The song itself is amazing and it's nice to ehar a fresh voice singing it and actually pulling it off.
Below is his debut video for 'Story of My Life'

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