Sunday, January 21, 2007

Evolution Of A Popstar


I'll continue the trend of German Popstars today by examining the evolution of Jeanette Biedermann.

When Jeanette broke onto the music scene in 1999 after winning a singing competition. Her first single wasn't much of a success and she went on to a major acting role on a popular German soap opera from 2000 - 2004. This gave her the chance to try music again. In 2000 she released her first Engligh single 'Go Back.' It wasn't long before Jeanette became known as the German Britney Spears. From this moment on success came easily. 'Go Back' hit the top ten, her debut album went gold and by the end of the next year she won best female national artist at the German Echo Awards.

In 2002 Jeanette released a 3rd album 'Rock My Life' peaking at number 7 in the German albums charts and becoming her 3rd Gold album. All 3 singles from the album hit the top ten. This period saw Jeanette become more confident in herself. She showed more maturity in her performances and public appearaces. She was no longer a little girl. She toured Germany extensively with her 2nd tour - "Rock My Life"

After the innocent young girl grows into a mature young woman what is next? It was time to raise the stakes! In November 2003 Jeanette released her 4th studio album - 'Break On Through.' Her lead single 'Rockin' on Heavens Floor saw Jeanette with a new sexy image in an expensive and polished video. Skin, Leather, Cars & Fire helped push the single to #3 in the singles chart. The album went Platinum and Jeanette launched her biggest your yet. Jeanette has become one of the biggest live Pop acts in Germany. She spent 2004 touring and ended the year by releasing the obligatory Christmas album which contained the new single 'Run With Me.' By far her best video to date which went on to win video clip of the year in 2005's Echo Awards.

Finally in 2006 Jeanette released her 6th album 'Naked Truth.' The album also included a lot of songs produces by her current boyfriend and guitarist Jörg Weissenberg. The album failed to set the charts on fire and peaked at a respectable #14 in the album charts. It seems Jeanette had staryed a little too far from her Pop roots in an effort to become a credible artist. The 3 singles from 'Naked Truth' all failed to enter the top 10.

Jeanette is currently working on a 7th album and we can't wait to see where she goes next! Download some of my favorite Jeanette singles below.

Buy Jeanette Albums - Here

Watch 'Run With Me' & 'Rockin' On Heavens Floor' Below


Poster Girl said...

I love these songs! I'd only heard "Rock My Life" by her before--these are great!

(By the way--"Rocking On Heaven's Floor"--how brilliant a title is that?)

Troy said...

Rock my life was one of my all time favorite Jeantte songs! I hope with her next album she goes back to songs like those!