Sunday, January 14, 2007

Welcome To Australia!

We now move from Ireland to the land down under. Australia has given the world some of the finest... and some not so fine pop acts. Remember this is the country where Steps - 5,6,7,8 went to number 1!
Human Nature

Human Nature have been around in oneform or another since 1989! Since 1996 the band has had an impressive 17 top 40 singles in Australia and seen some international success. What I find dissapointing is that their last two albums have been collections of Motown cover songs. I'm all for a good cover song once and awhile... but two cover albums in a row is a bit overkill. Nevertheless these two albums have seen huge commercial success in Australia. So enjoy acouple of songs from their biggest pop albums.

Delta Goodrem
One cannot post about Australian artists and not mention Delta Goodrem. She has become one of Australias biggest stars. She has had a staffering 7 number 1 singles, 2 number one albums and holds a record for winning multiple Female Australian Grammy awards. What makes this success even more remarkable is the fact that in 2004 she successfuly beat cancer; she is only 22 years old.


Savage Garden

In 1997 Savage Garden hit the international music scene in a huge way when their 3rd single Truly, Madly, Deeply hit number one on almost every chart in the world. The song spent 123 Weeks on the US Adult Contemporary Airplay Chart. The band was nominated for a record breaking 13 Australian Grammy awards of which they won 10! A record that has not been broken to this day. While the band may have called it a day in 2001 after only 2 studio albums Darren Hayes has gone on to achieve some solo succes.


Australias first and most successful "Popstars" band were formed in 2000. In their 2 years together the band had two multiplatinum albums and 6 consecutive top 20 singles in Australia.

Rogue Traders

If you haven't heard of this band in the last year you must have had your head under a rock. Rogue Traders are the latest band in an electro-rock trend that has racked up multiple hit singles across the globe.

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