Sunday, January 28, 2007

Because We Want To!

Let's take a walk back in time, back to 1998. When the world of pop music was simple and Billie Piper became the youngest artist ever to debut at number 1 in the uk with her debut single "Because We Want To."

Recently the Uk singles chart changed its charting rules to allow a song to chart based on downloads alone. That means that songs end up charting before the physical single is even released.

It also means that technically a song that isn't even a single could end up on the official singles chart! Or that in theory one artist could have every song on their cd on the singles chart if it had enough downloads!

I don't know about you but this sounds insane! Why would any chart company allow something like that to happen?!

Well in the Uk radio DJ Chris Moyles started a campaign to test the new chart rules and see how they favour download sales. His question... Could he get enough people to download Billie Pipers 1998 single "Honey To The Bee" to get it to chart again 8 years later based on downloads alone?

Well the chart was released and sure enough... he did it! Billie Piper hit the Uk singles chart this week for the first time in 6 years with a single that is 8 years old! Honey To The Bee charted at #17 this week based on downloads alone. At one point 'Honey To The Bee' was the 7th most downloaded single on iTunes this week!

I wonder what Billie Piper thinks about all this!? I say we start a campaign to get all kinds of songs back on the chart! Let's start with correcting some errors of the past. The only Spice Girls single not to hit number 1 was 'Stop' in 1998. Lets get 'Stop' to number 1!

Download the song below!
Billie Piper - Honey To The Bee


Digital Technique said...

I quite like the new UK charts, as it means that record companies are no longer making the choice of single for us (coz lets face it they often choose the wrong songs!!) Instead if you like a song you can download it and it will be the songs that are popular with the fans that will make the singles chart!!! Plus it means that some classic songs are getting back into the charts ie Survivor - Eye Of The Tiger which has now spent 2 weeks in the top 75!!!!

Troy said...

hmm... good point.
It's definitely nice to have a say in the charts... maybe some artists that dont get the support from radio will see some success.