Saturday, November 03, 2007

Random Post From Nowhere

So I'm just going through my old mp3's and found some old catchy songs that I figured I would post.

Most of these are random tracks and I wouldn't say they're worth of their own posting... so instead I'll post a mini collection of them for you to check out!

Alexia - Don't You Know
Alexia is a euro-dance singer from Italy who has actually released 9 albums in the last 10 years! She had a few international hits with tracks like 'Uh La La La' and 'The Music I Like.' In 2002 she abandonded euro-dance and since then records only in Italian.

Anieki - Pleased To Meet You
This Australian band had a massive hit in 2001 with this track. It was the most played song in Australia in 2001! The band was formed by Savage Gardens Daniel Jones in 1998.

Dario G - Heaven Is Closer
English dance act Dario G have produced some of the most popular sporting events trackof the last decade. Between 2001 - 2003 the group produced a handful of radio friendly tracks with female vocalist - Vanessa Quinones. I've always loved tracks by Dario G, they're really bright and full of different sounds and a lot of feeling.

Kim Wilde - Born To Be Wild
So Kim probably deserves to have her own post on here but since I can't be bothered you'll have to settle for this track which is one of my faves btw! Kim Wilde released her debut album in 1980 when she was only 20 years old! Kim Wilde had a hit as recent as last year when she made a comeback with a remake of her previous hit - You Came.

2 Small Dj's - Shining For Love
This euro pop track samples Cyndi Laupers 'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.' That alone is reason enough to download this track.

Jake - Brighter
I don't remember much about this band. From what I remember they were Canadian. They had acouple top 40 pop hits before changing their sound a bit with their 2nd album. 'Brighter' was the first single from their second album.

Isabel - Will My Heart Survive
Isabel - Like Snow In June (Dance Mix)
From what I understand Isabel took a shot at Eurovision for Germany in 2002. After that she had a handful of hits with 'Will My Heart Survive' and 'Snow In June.'