Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Bring It All Back...

So I've decided to go out on a limb here and dig out some songs that you probably thought you would never hear again. Songs that aren't particularly good and are probably better best forgotten!

But it can be fun to dust them off and play them again after not hearing these songs for years!

So before you download these songs... I warn you... maybe it's better that they remain forgotten?! Download if you dare!
The Boomtang Boys had considerable success in 1999 when their debut album went gold in Canada. They released 3 singles with vocalist - Kim Esty. The most memorable being their debut single 'Squeeze Toy.'

There was a time when Adam Rickitt was the most featured face in pop music magazines in the Uk. His music career was short lived and despite having signed a 6 album deal... he was dropped when his debut album failed to enter the top 40.
After touring with Britney Spears and NSYNC in the USA the band released a full album and had small success with their debut single 'Messed Around.' The group disbanded soon after. This band definitely deserved to end up in the pop music cemetary.
This was a one off single that originated in Germany. The band was a pop super group made us of many popular acts in Germany at the time to raise money for charity. The band featured artists like The Backstreet Boys, The Moffats, Mr. President & Gil.
This is a girl band that opened for Girls Aloud back in 2005. Their only single was pretty lame, although the chorus is catchy!

Originally part of a duo 'Metro' discovered by Simon Cowell. D-mac eventually released this single back in 2002.
I used to LOVE this song by US girlband - Dream. The girls were signed by Sean Diddy Combs. The band had considerable success with their first two singles hitting the top 5 in the USA. After the Sept. 11th attacks further singles from the debut album were cancelled. In 2003 the band attempted a comeback with their 2nd album. But after the first single failed to find commercial success, Dream were dropped by Bad Boy Records. The album, though it had already been recorded... was cancelled.

This Russian bombshell should have had more success! She's released some amazing singles in the Uk and all of them have failed to find the success they deserve. This was one of my faves.
Going all the way back to 1995 with this one!

After being dropped in the Uk... the girls still had an album released in Australia and in parts of Asia.
After having massive success with 'Summer Girls' the group faltered with their 2nd album. This was one of the gems found on their 2nd alb.

Who wasn't singing along to this back in 1996!

Ok i'm too tired to add anymore! If you guys liked this I'll post a part two sometime soon!

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