Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I'll Never Let Another Teardrop Fall...

Does anyone remember back in 1999 - 2002, you were either a Backstreet Boys fan or an *Nsync fan.

While I liked both, I would always side with BSB and they have never let me down. Having been around for well over 10 years now, the band is getting ready to release a new album; their first without Kevin Richardson who left last year.

Their last album, 'Never Gone' is one of the best albums ever produced! Although the album only had one hit single in the US, the album has sold over 3 Million copies around the world!

The bands management has strategically leaked 3 songs on the web to 'test the waters' and guage fans reactions. Their management pulled a similar tactic before 'Never Gone' was released. The web was flooded with tonnes of new BSB tracks. Fans reactions helped decide which songs would make the final cut.

This song is sweet and simple. While it doesn't scream hit single... it is a strong album track and has great vocals and lyrics. I can't wait for the album!

This was one of the leaked tracks from 'Never Gone.' The track never made it to the album and features the boys doing a very different sound than we're used to from BSB.

Another track that didn't make it onto 'Never Gone.' The track was featured as a bonus track on some releases.

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snazzyzeo said...

unfortunately all of the other leaked tracks scream snoozefest too! i hope the album is better than what has hit the internet