Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Hey Guys!

Thanks for being so patient while I've been on vacation. Regular updates will start back up July 1st which just happens to be... 'Canada Day!'

So in honor of Canada Day we're bringing you the best of Canadian pop music.


B4-4 had success in Canada back in 1999. The band actually scored a record deal after walking into Sony Records office and by chance happened to sing for the chief recording engineer! The band had 3 hit singles, a top ten album and were nominated for best new group at the 2001 Juno Awards. The band toured extensively across the country and even opened for Destinys Child back in 2001! The band were famous for their spikey hair and provocative lyrics. Their debut single 'Get Down' was basically about performing oral sex. Rumour has it that 2 members of b4-4 have scored a new record deal and will be releasing an album this fall!


I used to LOVE Sky! Sky were a massive success story. The James and Antoine met back in 1992 and soon were writing and performing together. In 1997 the band released their debut album on their own record label in Quebec. Eventually 43 radio stations in the province had begun playing their songs. A feat practically unheard of for an independent act in Canada. It wasn't long before the band was signed to EMI Canada. When their album 'Piece Of Paradise' was released in 1999 it debuted at #6 in Canada and eventually hit #1 in Thailand. The massive success lead to a record deal in the US, Uk and Japan.

But the success proved to be too much for lead singer James, who was very reluctant to step into the international spotlight. James announced he was leaving the band in 2000 just as the band won best new act at the 2000 Juno Awards.

The Antoine replaced James with a female singer 'Anastasia' in 2000 and released 'Travelling Infinity.' Despite moderate success with 2 more singles the duo disbanded soon after.

Once again in 2003 Antoine re-formed Sky with another lead vocalist 'Karl Wolf.' An album was released with little to no promotion and Sky was finally put to rest.

Velvet Empire

Canadas 2nd band formed by the show 'Popstars.' Velvet Empire proved to be a one hit wonder with their debut single 'Frontin On Me.' The video went to number one on MTV Canada, but lack of promotion from radio meant that the band never achieved any real success and were dropped after the first album.

Velvet Empire - Frontin' On Me


Postergirl did a post on Prozzak awhile back... so I won't say too much about the band. Their first two albums did quite well across Canada. A 3rd and darker album was released independently in 2005 but as a result there was no promotion and the album failed to have any success. Prozzak are a side project of 2 members of the Canadian band 'The Philosopher Kings.' Prozzak are an animated duo and their albums basically reflect their never ending search for true love. Their animated music videos became quite popular across the country and the duo eventually went on a Canadian tour!

Prozzak - Infatuation

Prozzak - Be As

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