Friday, June 01, 2007

S.O.A.P Is In The Air...

It's funny how looking back over my cd collection you see how long ago it was that these songs were released! I just found my old single for S.O.A.P - This Is How We Party, that was released almost 10 years ago now in 1998! After looking them up I found out they had a second album out in Europe with some GREAT pop songs!

S.O.A.P were a dansh duo of sisters who's debut single was an international hit! After the success wore off the band went on to release a second album in Europe and tour as the opening act for Savage Garden back in 2000.

Soon after the tour the band decided to call it a day and S.O.A.P was finished. But that didn't stop one of the sisters from continuing to release music as a solo artist!

Check out some of my fave S.O.A.P songs below!

S.O.A.P - This Is How We Party

S.O.A.P - I Wanna Go Back

S.O.A.P - Like A Stone (In The Water)

Saseline Sorensen - Postergirl

Next time a little Ace Of Base perhaps?!

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