Thursday, June 28, 2007



I don't even know what to say! This has to be one of the biggest musical moments of my life! Girl Power is back! For those of you who haven't heard... the rumours are true, the Spice Girls have re-united and are going on tour!

Here are the basics!

-The band will be doing select shows across the globe

-You will only be able to get tickets by registering online... there will be a random draw to see who will actually be able to purchase tickets. is their new website for the tour.

-There will be a greatest hits album released in November.

-There will be new tracks on the album.

-There will be a new documentary on the band.

Here are some quotes from the Press Conference:

Geri: "I was lying in bed one morning and I phoned Emma and said, "I want to be a Spice Girl again."

Victoria: "We'll celebrate the past and that'll be it."

Geri: "I've got a gun under the table."

Melanie C: "A girl's allowed to change her mind."

Halliwell called the reunion a 'one night stand', joking: "So you can enjoy it more, right?"

Victoria: "One of the main reasons why I think some of us want to do this is for our kids to actually see what we used to do."

Things I'd Like To See On Tour:

-I think they should end the concert with 'Wannabe' and have all of them come out in their old Spice Girls outfits... ie. The Union Jack dress for Geri!

-I think when they sing 'Goodbye' they should make Geri stand off to the side of the stage and then make her leave so the other 4 can sing 'Holler.'

-Geri should sing Holler and Let Love Lead the way with the other 4.

-They should announce that all their kids are getting together and making the Spice Girls Juniors band!

SO HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT THE REUNION?! Post your comments below!

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snazzyzeo said...

the union jack is a MUST... and those platforms!