Sunday, June 10, 2007

It Should Have Been A Single...

So I have a secret... I'm a Celine Dion fan! So I'll try to make this my last Celine post.

After taking an extended break in 2000 Celine Dion made her comeback with "A New Day Has Come" in 2002. Despite topping the charts in most countries around the world and kickstarting her career once again... the album received mediocre reviews. Critics called the album 'forgettable' and the lyrics 'lifeless.' Mainstream radio had moved away from artists like Celine Dion and Whitney Houston and were playing R & B. There was less and less opportunities to receive airplay for a singer like Celine Dion on mainstream radio.

In 2003 Celine Dion decided to try something new. Releasing the album "One Heart," an album that attempted to do something different than the soaring, melodramatic ballads she was known for. The critics hit back even harder this time. The album was labeled 'predictable' and 'banal.'

Since then Celine Dion has managed to make a comeback in a HUGE way. Instead of focusing on mainstream radio she has focused on her roots... singing in french. She has released 3 french albums in the last 4 years.

2 weeks ago Celine Dion proved that she isn't going anywhere. Her new french album 'D'elles' is the number 1 album in Canada for the last two weeks and has already gone 2x Platinum. The album debuted at number 1 in 4 Countries!

When her show in Las Vegas ends later this year she will attempt to reclaim internationall success with the release of a new english album in October.

Despite the fact that 'One Heart' was panned by critics, there were some amazing pop songs that are rare for a singer like Celine Dion. 3 tracks were written and produced by pop genius Max Martin. One of the best was a song called 'Faith' which should have been a single!

I was lucky enough to see Celine in Las Vegas in 2005 and the show was SPECTACULAR! I've never seen anything like it. She was flawless! My friend and I screamed so loud throughout the entire show the old lady next to us told us to shut up! At the end of the show a guard in a suit came up to us and asked if we were big fans. He said that since we were making such a scene that maybe we'd like to go backstage for a tour! We actually got to stay in the colleseum and go backstage to see how the show worked. Celine was gone by then... but had to be one of the coolest things I've had the chance to see.


snazzyzeo said...

"You And I" was another track that is awesome, but seemingly forgotten. as is "Right In Front Of You." two of my favorite songs

Philip said...

Totally with you on Faith. Amazing song. One heart was a fantastic album. Just fantastic.