Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Final Countdown... Part 2.

Let's pick up where we left off... with more of my favorite songs from 2007:

If you're making a list of artists that deserve recognition in 2007 you've got to add Mika to your list. The guy exploded this year with his debut album 'Life In Cartoon Motion' hitting the charts in countless countries around the world. The guy had success in every country that his music was released! Mika has released 6 different singles from his debut album and has sold over 5 Million copies of it!

Mika actually won a World Music Award this year for being the Worlds Best Selling New Artist and the Best Selling Male Pop/Rock artist! He just finished his Uk tour and I am lucky enough to have scored tickets to his show here in Vancouver on February 15th!

If you have not checked out his first album you MUST do so! It's one of the best albums of the entire year. He has promised his next album will be full of even more unapologetic pop songs! I can't wait!

'Love Today' was automatically my favorite album track when I first picked up the album and was also released as a single soon after! It has also just been nominated for a 2008 Grammy in the best Dance category. Check it Out!

Agnes - (Baby) I Want You Gone (Album Track)

So her album 'Stronger' may have been released in 2006 but since I didn't discover it until my trip to Sweden in March 2007 and since I love the track I'm including it on my list of favorite songs this year. Agnes is ready to release her 3rd album this March and you can expect that I will post some of the best tracks from it once I get back from Sweden in 2008!

You couldn't turn on a radio without hearing this song multiple times throughout the day. The success keeps coming and coming for this singer who hails from my hometown of Vancouver Canada!

Turning Someones Song Into A Ballad
2007 was the year for people to take a fast song... slow it down and turn it into a ballad. Some of the best renditions have been sung by fans and independant artists who use the songs to show off their talent. Check out some of the best below...

Gift Of Melody - Singing Sugababes - About You Now

I don't know her name... but she NAILS this ballad version of the Sugababes smash hit - About U Now

Jay Norton - Singing Robyn - With Every Heartbeat

Scott Simons - Singing Rhiannas - Umbrella
I posted his version of this song acouple months ago. I really felt like he took the song to a whole new level.