Monday, December 10, 2007


The first 14 acts have been announced for the first 2 semi-finals in February!

There aren't too many suprises here, most of these artists were rumoured to be taking part this year. The most exciting entries are:

Sanna Nielsen - Empty Room The first time she's ever entered with an english song. I'm a HUGE fan of 'Vagar Du, Vagar Jag,' but its rumoured that this song is a ballad which is a little dissapointing :-(

Ola - Love In Stereo After a very successful year in 2007 Ola is planning on starting 2008 off with his first entry in Melodifestivalen. I can't wait to hear this track.

E-Type & The Poodles - Line Of Fire Both acts have entered in the past and this year they're hoping that combining forces will be enough star power to get them a ticket to Eurovision. Both acts have such a unique sound, it will be interesting to see how they mesh.

Velvet - Deja Vu Velvet has had a string of hits in Sweden and after reaching the semi-finals in 2006 she's giving it another shot in 2008.

We still have 14 more semi-finalists to be announced and 4 wildcards!
I've just finished booking my flights as well!

I'll be in London England on March 6th - March 9th
Then it's off to Sweden for Melodifestivalen March 10th - 20th

If anyone wants to meet up while I'm over there shoot me an email -


Digital Technique said...

Am excited already!! Can't wait to hear Velvet and Ola - the song titles are great!!

Anonymous said...

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