Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Final Countdown...Part 3

Another of my favorite albums I discovered early in 2007 was Darins 3rd album - Break The news. I posted some of my favorite tracks here back then, but I will re-post in case you missed it. Almost one year later I'm still playing his album on heavy rotation. Insanity is very 'Maneater' and 'Everything But The Girl' is subtle without being too dramatic. Both songs are the best from this album and both songs ended up being released as singles!

Marija Serifovic - Destiny

You probably won't believe it but as much as I LOVE Melodifestivalen... I simply don't follow Eurovision as much as you might think. It's because of this that although Marija won Eurovision earlier this year... I didn't actually listen to the winning song until September! When I finally took the time to listen to the song in full I realised that the song truly did deserve to win the competition in 2007. It was performed very well and is slow but dynamic at the same time. I definitely prefer the english version 'Destiny.'

I know I posted about Darren multiple times this year... but that's only because his album deserved so much more attention that it actually received. Now that I've had acouple months to let the 2 disc album sink in this has become one of my favorite tracks of the year. The guy knows how to craft the perfect songs and this beautiful track really shows off his writing and vocal talents.


2007 was a good year for pop music on the big screen in the form of musicals. High School Musical continues to reign supreme around the world, while Hairspray had movie go-ers singing along to it's infections soundtrack! Now the thing about musicals... is they are MEANT to be cheesy! So keep that in mind before you judge these songs too harshly. They definitely wouldn't be on my list of the best songs of the year... but since these are only my 'Favorite' songs of the year, or songs that deserve recognition... these two songs deserve a place here...


paul @ said...

Just wanted to say i have adored your blog this year and anyone who loves Darin, Mika, Hairspray and High School Musical must be rather fantastic. I am assuming you love Same Difference :) Anyway belated happy christmas and new year! Can't wait to see what you do in 08!!

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