Monday, December 10, 2007

Nobody Told Me We'd Only Get One Chance...

One of my favorite things to do on my blog is feature songs that were AMAZING, but that for whatever reason never went on to become big hits despite their greatness.
One of these songs is from 'Darius.' If you live in the Uk you'll remember that he got his start on 'Pop Idol' where he became the underdog of the competition. When he was voted out late in the competition Simon Cowell offered him a record deal singing cover songs. Luckily for us Darius turned the offer down and went on to sign a 5 album deal and released his debut self-penned album in 2002.

For the next year it seemed Darius was on top of the world. He had a number one single, a platinum album and had a sold out tour across the Uk.

But in the world of pop music single sales don't always translate to album sales... and for a record company it's all about album sales.

'Kindalove' was the first single from his second album and when it was released it peaked at #8 in the singles chart before falling steadily out of the charts. Although his next single 'Live Twice' entered the charts at #7, the album stalled and peaked at a dissapointing 36.

Since then Darius has kept a pretty low profile working on various theater shows in London's West End.

Rumour has it that Darius has recorded a number of songs this year and is hoping to have a new album released in 2008!

I absolutely can't get enough of this track. It's totally upbeat and fun to sing along to. I love the backing vocals as well... they're very quirky don't ya think?

He wrote this song as a tribute to his father who was battling cancer. It's a very touching song... the kind of song that sends shivers down your spine. The good news is that his father beat cancer and is healthy!

This is the song he will be remembered for most of all; his number 1 debut single.
I had to add this picture... i found it to be completely adorable...


Poster Girl said...

That is so funny! I was just having a Darius revival yesterday.

I adore him...he just makes music with this certain quality that I can't really described but that no other artist I know uses.

I seem to remember him giving some rejected demos for the new album to a fansite to share and they just didn't have any of that "magic" for me...then again, I guess they won't make the album, but I don't know, I just worry that IF he ever does get to release an album again, I won't love it as much as I love (and I really do love) his first two.

Anonymous said...

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