Friday, December 14, 2007

It's Taking Control Of My Body And Mind...

So today I'm dedicating my post to random dance tracks from artists that are 'Better Best Forgotten'

The kind of songs that come out every few months that are great to sing and dance to... but the kind of songs that aren't going to go down in history for much else. Most of these artists are lucky if they ever get a second hit. But today we'll look back and honour some of them...
Of coarse if you want to have a big hit dance single all you've got to do is cover someone elses song! Here some random guy named Thomas Shwartz give us his take on the classic 'More Than A Feeling.' I have a feeling we will never hear from Thomas Shwartz again.

When this song hit the charts last year it definitely wasn't for the "very first time." Robin Beck had a hit back in the 80's with 'First Time' when it was used in a Coca-Cola Commercial. Sunblock actually had Robin re-record her vocals for this version of the song when it was released last year.

So Tina and Sash have both had success individually and also had a hit with this track. So while both artists alone are more than a one hit wonder... this is one track that probably isn't getting played too often today.

Wow! Does anyone else remember this song? It was a mediocre hit in Canada back in 2001. I don't know much about her other than she is from Italy and I used to love this song so much I actually bought her crappy album!


If you don't know who Rollergirl is you're really missing out! I actually think I should dedicate an entire post to the tragedy that is Rollergirl. You might be suprised to find out that Rollergirl actually had a string of singles... 6 I believe! She hails from Germany and if you haven't seen her videos you're in for a treat. I'll post a link for my favorite below.

This duo had two hits and this one was my favorite by far. I still listen to this song on a semi regular basis!

I found this in a deep dark corner of my hard drive. It actually reminds me of Hellogoodbye quite a bit. This song could actually be a big hit today if it was released again don't you think?

Another Canadian act. I don't know if they ever released this track internationally? If you know feel free to pass the info along... I can't be bothered to look it up online. I remember the music video was really fun!
This group has some big singles across Europe starting with the massive hit - Tocas Miracle. 'You Are Alive' was the last mainstream hit they ever had.